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Volume One
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-171-6
Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy/SF
eBook Length: 63 Pages
Published: September 2004

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The sudden theft of the museumís prized fossil begins the disappearance of children in the small rural community of Spoonerville. It is only through the ingenuity of Andrew and Michael that the truth of why these terrible events are happening and what the fossil actual is. But without a way of stopping the fossil and his guarding creatures the world might find itself under the command of these fierce creatures from another world.

Volume 1 of 32.

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"Dad, do you think there are buried treasures around here?" Andrew asked his father.

Jim Small grinned." I doubt it, but stranger things can happen. There are certainly some treasures in some of the rock formations. Just recently, the Curator at the museum found some dinosaur bones and some fossil insects. Itís not gold, but it is something as valuable. "

Andrew, his nine-year old son, was walking with him in their apple orchard. ?You look a little pale. How are you feeling?"

"Oh, I?m all right, but for some reason I?m very tired; perhaps I didn?t get enough sleep last night."

Jim looked at his son. "We?d better keep a watch on you. Sometimes the flu can take a bad turn."

"Finding gold is always the dream of those bitten by the gold bug. You and Michael might find something, but I don?t think this area is a place where gold was found. Perhaps you might find a lost pirateís treasure, because this area was rich in history in the times when pirates often caught merchant ships and plundered them for their gold and other valuables."

Michael came running up from behind. "Did someone say they found gold?"

Andrew shook his head, "no, I was just asking dad if he had ever heard of gold being found here."

"Boy, I?d love to find some treasure. Wouldn?t that get everyone excited?"

Jim knew his sons had vivid imaginations. Perhaps that was because he and his wife Dorothy always told them stories each night at bedtime. They knew that if they could get their children interested in reading, they would find their own treasure in words.

"Tonight I?ll tell you a story about the time I found gold. Itís a little strange, but it happened to me when I was just about your age."

The boys got ready for bed, and after kissing his two-year old daughter Meghan good night Jim was ready to tell his sons the story about ?THE GOLD TOOTH?.

The boys were already in their pajamas and had finished brushing their teeth and were sitting on their beds waiting.

"All right, as I said, this happened to me many years ago, and it was really a gift from my grandfather.

I?ll tell it as it happened."

?This is for you," said my grandmother.

She held out a brightly wrapped package done up with gold ribbon and a sparkling golden bow.

"Thanks Gran, you didn?t have to get me anything."

I?ve got nothing against my grandparents, but sometimes I think they?re a little odd. They have no understanding on how important it is for image. They have no concept of style. Their clothing pre-dates George Washington or maybe Queen Elizabeth I?

Now I?m not trying to criticize my grandparents. I love them very much. I now hold the record of owning a unique gift and the strangest one a twelve-year old boy could receive. Maybe if I write to the Guinness Book of Records, I?ll get a paragraph of my own. Both my grandfather and grandmother were responsible. I don?t think it was planned from the first, but I became the recipient of it. I would never in a million years ask for one. Nor would I have wanted it for any reason. That didn?t matter. They in their own minds thought it would be a good gift, a keepsake or possibly a family heirloom.

"Jimmy, we?re very proud of you. You look very nice in your cadet uniform. I never could get your father to shine his shoes, but in yours I can see my reflection."

I have to humour my grandmother.

"Thank you Gran."

Sheís right about my father; heís not a clotheshorse. I like good clothing; name brand shirts, pants and quality shoes. Itís important.

"When are you going away to cadet camp?"

I?m going out to the west coast in the first week of July. Itís my first two-week camp."

"Thatís wonderful, Admiral," says grandfather. He always called me Admiral. I like it; it makes me feel special. Heís having difficulty enunciating his words. Heís getting used to an upper dental plate.

We?re going back to their house for dinner.

I unwrap the gift in the car. I hold a soft, velvet deep blue rink box with the imprint of Jubilee Jewelers. Maybe itís a cadet ring. I open the box, hoping it is. Maybe my grandparents have finally understood whatís important in my life. They say they are proud of me.

"Oh, look at this!"

Inside the ring box is a very odd object. It isn?t a ring. Suddenly I feel my stomach start to churn. I recognize it. That makes it worse.

"What is it?" my sister asks. My mother turns to see as I push it away from me.

"Isn?t that a tooth? A gold tooth!" my sister questions.

The object so carefully positioned in the jewelry box is a gold tooth saved by my grandfather from his recent dental surgery.

" I don?t want a gold tooth. I thought it was a cadet ring. What am I going to do? They?ll expect me to say something?"

"Jim, my boy, itís certainly unusual but, as you know, strange things can happen. Just make the best of it," my father says.

"Well, Admiral, you know the old saying, ?waste not want not?. Itís something that has a little bite to it!" My grandfather starts to laugh at his joke.

I don?t know whether to laugh or cry.

"Oh, I never expected to receive a gold tooth as a gift. Itís certainly different."

"It cost a bundle to make, nearly 400 dollars, but I?ve no use for it now."

"Your grandfather is getting used to his new uppers," my grandmother said. "Maybe if you don?t want to keep it, we can visit a goldsmith. I?m told they will purchase gold from old jewelry, so why not from teeth!"

The goldsmith looks at me suspiciously. "Where did you get this son?"

"I got it as a present from my grandfather. Heís got new dentures. Honest, I didn?t steal it."

"Nice piece of work. I have to have an adult give an OK, to buy it."

"My grandmother should be here in a minute; she had to go to the ladyís room.

The goldsmith bought grandfatherís tooth. I received four dollars for the strangest gift I?ve ever known."

Andrew and Michael were laughing, and Michael said, "I never thought finding gold could be like that. I hope you father doesn?t give us his gold teeth."

Their dad chuckled. "No, I definitely can say that he wouldn?t do that. He will remember the strange gift just like I did, now into bed with you. Perhaps when you dream you can discover some mystery."

"Can?t you tell us another story?" Michael pleaded. Jim knew that his tooth story was maybe a little grim, so he nodded. "Fine, and since we were talking about fossils earlier, I?ll tell you a story you might enjoy."