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Dayspring Destiny
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-123-6
Genre: Fantasy/SF/Romance
eBook Length: 294 Pages
Published: April 2004

Total Readers: 1

From inside the flap

[Book III of the Dayspring Trilogy]
For thousands of years demiurges have ruled over the world of Gaea?first the Sky Gods, then the S'hazons. When the S?hazons predict that a comet will strike Gaea and destroy all life, they offer a way of escape to the adepts of the House of Lohenrin. They will open an interdimensional portal to a new world called Tarshan.
But Elinna Serru, a Master of the House, chooses to stay behind to try to save her world?and the man she loves. Now, Gaea's children are split between two worlds, and both worlds may be doomed unless someone can bridge the gap and reunite humanity.
As Elinna searches for a way to stop the comet, she begins to have strange dreams about the mysterious Sky Gods who ruled Gaea before the coming of the S?hazons. They want something from her ? something that will decide the ultimate fate of both Gaea and Tarshan.

Reviews and Awards

What reviewers are saying about Dayspring Destiny, the winner of the 2004 Eppie award for Best Fantasy Novel

A wonderful conclusion to a unique romantic fantasy ... a most unique and heartwarming story that I highly recommend.

Leslie Tramposch, ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Elinna ... is a strong, admirable heroine who must go beyond her own independence and sense of betrayal to discover a very hard lesson; that she cannot save her world alone ?  Ms. Berry has penned another imaginative fantasy so riveting that I just couldn't put it down.

Janice Bennett for The Best Reviews

 Are you interested in the Spirit world? If so, this book is for you, as the author pens a fantasy of sci-fi action with spiritual implications, weaving the two into an intriguing adventure. A very good read!

Shirley Johnson for Denise's Pieces

Jeanine Berry is a gifted storyteller who creates a world so realistic one would think she lived there.

Harriet Klausner for The Best Reviews

As entertaining as its predecessor, DAYSPRING DESTINY drew me in with its good writing and imaginative story line. This is the type of science fiction novel that is enriching both for its entertainment value and the messages it imparts.

Astrid Kinn for Romance Reviews Today

Berry is also the co-author of the best-selling science fiction novel, The Sex Gates.

"Plain and simple, The Sex Gates is a great book, one of the best science fiction offerings in years."

~Efigments Reviews

Dayspring Destiny (Excerpt)

She had no time left for love.

Elinna fell at last into an exhausted sleep. When she awoke, she knew what she must do. With grim expertise, she steeled her heart and locked shut the doors of emotion. Then she hurried to the palace, determined to speak to Mesor before she could change her mind. Their courtship, barely begun, must end. They must become merely teacher and pupil; she must dedicate her life to the only goal that mattered’saving Atlaua.

As thunder clapped and lightening flashed, she told him.

"Nonsense!" Mesor snapped. The blood drained from his face, leaving the scar on his forehead an angry, jagged line. His eyes held shock and betrayal. Had he cared that much in so short a time?

He grabbed her hand. His strong fingers squeezed hers until she winced in pain, their pressure demanding she stay at his side. "You don?t know that stopping the comet will take all your time, or the help of every psiborn. You?re only starting to explore your Dreams of Knowledge. You could stumble onto the answer tomorrow."

Elinna pulled her hand out of his grip, and he released it, although a muscle in his jaw jumped as he let go.

"I pray I will," she said. "But I can?t count on that. If in the end we have to try to move it by brute force of the Power, it will take every psiborn we can find. In the meantime, we need many new Perceptors, trained in the Power, to protect and guard Atlaua."

"And so?what?" The rough baritone of his voice grew bitter as he mimicked her words. "You have no time for love. Perhaps the truth is that you are afraid of what sufficient time might bring."

She flinched. Was she a coward when it came to love? No. There was not enough time?that was the simple truth. Pain made her voice hard. "That is the point. Our romance?if one can even call it that?has barely begun. The dangers we shared drew us close. And my feelings for you are strong. In another time and place I could gladly grow to love you. But all told, we have known each other barely a moon."

That much was beyond dispute. The time they had shared was brief. Time to face peril together as they discovered the true nature of the S?hazons, time to look into the depths of his eyes and see the courage shining there, time to taste the sweet wine of his kiss. For a brief few days, she had dreamed of living the ten years of life remaining to her at his side. Then reality returned and with it the awful truth that their time together must run out before it could begin. By her calculations, there was indeed no time left for love.

"It is better to end it now," she added, "before it grows into something we cannot so easily control."

"Control!" He spat the word. "The famous iron discipline of the House. Why am I not surprised?"

She drew herself up in a proud stance as he glared at her in cold silence.