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Crazy Ships
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-082-5
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/SF
eBook Length: 202 Pages
Published: September 2003

From inside the flap

A brand new science fiction novel from the author of The Sex Gates and The Pet plague. Twins Steve and Jane grow up in a dystopic earth ruled by giant corporations. Faster than light space travel has been discovered, but extracts a terrible price. The immutable mathematics of the theory dictate that only half the ships leaving earth will make it to their destination, and of those which do, only half will return safely to earth; hence the name: Crazy Ships. With those odds, crews and colonists are drawn from the criminal class or from political prisoners and sentenced to serve on a ship.

Just as Steve and Jane fall in love with each other, their parents fall afoul of the corporation ruling earth. They are separated from all they ever knew and loved and sentenced to become part of the crew on a crazy ship--but not the same ship, nor the one their parents are sentenced to. When each of their ships fails to make a jump, their troubles really begin.

Crazy Ships (Excerpt)


Old John Tremaine sat in his form fitted and form adapting office chair with his feet propped on his massive oak desk. He was clad in the silver tunic and gray pants of the all-powerful Tremaine clan. His crossed feet were enclosed in soft leather black boots with silver piping. Across the expanse of the deep live-carpeted office a beautiful young woman sat in the corner, leaning back in a similar, though smaller chair with her legs crossed. She was scantily but expensively clad in raiment which brightened every part of her exquisitely shaped body except her face. Tremaine stared at her for a moment then looked away. He couldn?t stand to see the blankness behind her otherwise strikingly pretty eyes. He knew about the blankness, having seen it all his life in young female bondies and some male bonders as well. The only duty of the young woman in the office was to please him, in whatever way he asked. He wondered what his peers would think if they knew he had never used her for anything other than decoration--and to dissuade suspicions that he might be a closet liberal. It had been many years since he had commanded a woman to do anything having to do with sex and he could look back now and be ashamed of the times he had in his youth.

Thinking back, he remembered that it was that very thing which had started him on the long road leading to the place where he was now, a place which, if his plans succeeded, would remove him and his family form the present political and social structure which ordered Earth’s affairs. He chuckled to himself as he thought of the horror most of the executives on earth would feel if they knew of his scheme.

"Sir?" The girl stood up, displaying her magnificent body. His chuckle hadn?t been quite as silent as he has thought.

"Nothing. Go back to your room. Do something fun for yourself. The day is almost over."

"Yes, sir. What should I do?"

Tremaine waved a hand in irritation. That was the problem, all right. Bondies and Bonders didn?t usually have choices and when they were offered one on rare occasions they didn?t know what to do with it. Well, if everything worked out the way he sincerely hoped it would, that sort of thing would no longer be his problem. If his plans worked out. If he lived through them. That was still to be determined.


John Tremaine had no way of knowing that several years previously the assembly line on the moon which built the Mass Displacement ships, run by bondees with little incentive to do good work, had overlooked a crucial failure along the line where suppressor circuits for the computers going into the mass displacement ships were assembled. One of the imperfect computers was passed before the line was halted. It was a very small flaw, nothing that would keep the ship that received it from operating efficiently. It wasn?t even noticeable, nor would it be for years to come, but when it did become apparent, it would impact the old man’s concerns in ways that he couldn?t have anticipated.


Janie cupped her firm young breasts as she watched her reflection in the mirror, just as she did almost every morning. Of course she knew from the extrapolation of her registered genome almost to the millimeter how large they would get, but at fifteen it was hard to wait.

But I'm almost there, she thought.

Janie was almost fully mature. Nearly a year ago she had had her implant, the one that not only rearranged the normal estrogenic hormones in order to prevent conception, but also discontinued her monthly periods for the next five years. For that, she was grateful. With the simplicity of thought that youth is subject to, she wondered why there had to be periods at all. Why couldn't they figure out how to keep women from having them?

Oh, well. It's over with for now. The next time will be when I decide to get pregnant--if I ever do.

"Hey, quit playing with your tits and get dressed! We'll be late for school." Startled, Janie spun around to see her brother Steve's head and shoulders projecting through the image of the bedroom door. His short brown hair was still damp from his shower, but she could see that he was already dressed. Flushing, she stuck out her tongue at him and turned away. Steve could always manage to embarrass her. He was right, though. Her little thumbnail watch told her that she was running late when she squeezed her forefinger against her thumb, and if she didn't hurry, the Miss know-it-all teaching program would be sure to have something to say about it. Quickly, she pulled on briefs, jeans and pullover, shook out her hair, and told the bathroom she was finished. It began cleaning up after her even as the door dissolved away into nothingness. She ran out to face the new day.