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Denizens of the Cityscape
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-072-8
Genre: Dark Fantasy
eBook Length: 119 Pages
Published: July 2002

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Denizens of the Cityscape and Other Vengeful Verses

Are they stories? Are they poems? Once you start reading, it won?t really matter. From the secrets of ?The Village Pond? and the ?The Old Stone Mill,? to the strange encounters with ?The Vine? and ?The Jigsaw Puzzle,? to the cast of doomsday characters that make up the epic ?Denizens of the Cityscape,? these short yet stylized visions produce a novels-worth of cold chills and dark truths. Whether you?re a fan of fiction or a fan of poetry, these sixteen poetic tales will be unlike anything you?ve ever read.

Denizens of the Cityscape (Excerpt)


The villagers gathered

on Winter's eve

at the village pond

axes hefted in their hands

they formed a circle

they sang their hymns

they called forth initiates

to be the first

to penetrate

the virgin crystal mantle

beneath their feet.

A winter stillness

stung the air

some hung their heads

and mumbled prayers

between chapped lips

then three times fell

the axes down

in a joyous burst

that spread the warmth

upon the ice

down between

each fissured crack

down to feed

the silent frozen one


Winter came

the following day

but as the havoc spread

across the land

the villagers

slept in peace

they'll have all winter

to decide

who will be

the chosen ones

to initiate

the pond with life

come the eve of Spring.

First appeared in Cenotaph, 1999.



It was nothing but

a gentle heap of stones

one placed upon the other

in an almost haphazard way

nearly six feet in height

and four feet at its base

no symmetry to speak of

no etched inscriptions

nothing to indicate

a who or what or why

so much time and sweat

was spent assembling

the pile.

And then

there was the location

a clearing in the woods

somewhat circular in shape

not a field for several miles

not a foot-worn path

leading in or out

the cairn built up

like a central hub

as if from scratch

to signify a point

of longitude and latitude

or perhaps to point to

something of significance


And then

there was the vibration

a subtle flow

of electrical current

like an ungrounded wire

when one reached out

and touched the stones

as though it were some kind

of ancient transmitter

once used to communicate

with the stars and built

by people as of yet


Or worse

perhaps the cairn was built

to hide something like a curse

and something alive

is buried inside

and contact merely causes

it to tremble with a yearning

for the open sky

for your hands to pull these stones

down one by one until

something icy cold reaches out

and grabs hold of your face

until the last thing you remember

the sound of stones

sliding into place.