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Depths of Savagery
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-051-5
Genre: Fantasy/SF
eBook Length: 132 Pages
Published: April 2003

Total Readers: 1

From inside the flap

DEPTHS OF SAVAGERY is a collection of 13 tales of barbaric heroic fantasy. Through tales involving ancient Celts, Vikings, other-worldly Crusaders, and Confederate Guerillas, the human animal is dissected to the bone. Desperate times call for desperate actions, and the primal callings of the inner soul are put to the test in this savage collection. Whether it is stories of ancient Celtic warfare, Viking society, aboriginal paganism, or psychometric archeologist Elijah Blackthorn observing the past, DEPTHS OF SAVAGERY taps the veins of the human soul and pushes one to the brink to decide: how much is it worth to survive? Come trod through the bloody footprints of history and feel the primal pulse of the beast that is mankind.

Reviews and Awards

This author's stories have attracted quite a loyal following for good reason. These tales of barbarism and the human animal past, present, and future are a prime example of the genre. The stories are exciting -
rousing, and beautifully written - featuring warriors of every era. Blood thirsty Vikings, Celts, Picts, Angles, Saxons, Africans and Missouri Raiders come alive thanks to this author's prolific imagination and vivid prose.

Since I was unfamiliar with the author's work, it was a delight to meet a popular Shrewsbury icon. Several stories in Depths of Savagery feature Prof. Elijah Blackthorn, the Native American psychometric archeologist. If you don't know what psychometric means, you are in for an intriguing time! This character is choice!

Steven Shrewsbury is a fantastic story teller and Depths of Savagery is an entertaining read. Barbaric warriors and sly paybacks, ancient relics and sexual obsession, shattering bones and undying love are mixed together skillfully by a man who knows history and human nature. I hope to read more of this author's work in the near future.

Laurel Johnson
Midwest Book Review

Depths of Savagery (Excerpt)


Having the fortune to edit a number of the tales in this anthology, I was also asked to write the forward?which I am pleased to do. I first became acquainted with Steven L. Shrewsbury and his works through the anthology Grimoire de Solace: Lost Runes and Sorrow, in which his tale Nothing Sacred first came to print (also included in this work). It was definitely one of the standout pieces of the anthology, indicative of Shrewsbury’s overriding style. His works are entertaining and engaging, treading heavily and simultaneously on both primal and intellectual levels?thought-provoking savagery, and perhaps this intellectual counterpart is the metaphorical hidden depth at which the title hints. This mindful penning is the reason readers will discover satisfying endings to the tales, a feature that is sorely lacking these days in stories written by lesser authors. Please enjoy Depths of Savagery, as I?m sure that you will.

-- Christopher Heath, Heathen Oracle


(Tales of Barbarism and the Human Animal)


Steven L. Shrewsbury


Welcome to my first collection of barbarian tales. Perhaps that isn?t the best way to classify them, but it gets my point across. I?ve heard such writing called ?Heroic High Fantasy? and that’s fine. Many of the tales fall into this realm, while works like ?Nothing Sacred? I leave the realms of Earth history completely. My psychometric archeologist, Elijah Blackthorn, appears in several tales, giving us a peek into the past. ?Black Ribbon of Josephine? shows that there were barbarians even in the American Civil War. This collection concludes in the depths of the earth via diamond mines in South Africa. Perhaps we aren?t far from what we were, and maybe that isn?t all bad.

Rural Central Illinois


Shalt Thou Reign Forever?

(Vikings and the Head of John the Baptist)

Creating a Barbarian Man

Generation Clash

Raw Boned Woman

Heed the Call

Paradigm Vault

Nothing Sacred

Parting Shot

Annihilation of an Epoch

Black Ribbon of Josephine

Not to Be

Spirit of the Game

Depths of Savagery