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Around the Bend
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-036-1
Genre: Fantasy/SF
eBook Length: 146 Pages
Published: March 2003

From inside the flap

An eclectic, erotic and fun collection of science fiction, fantasy, humor and non-fiction by Darrell Bain, author of the best selling science fiction novel The Sex Gates. Includes the short novella God vs Boilerroom McScam. With an introduction by Deron Douglas.

Around the Bend (Excerpt)


Welcome to Around the Bend dear reader. This collection of stories by Darrell Bain will both entice and entertain. Old friends to Darrellís writing will enjoy this collection as it encompasses a wide range of writing styles and genres that have been written throughout the years. If you are a stranger to Darrell Bain, I can think of no better way of being introduced to his writing and creative wit. If you are an old friend, you will find this volume most entertaining as it may introduce you to a side of Darrell you haven?t seen.

Darrell began writing science fiction with Robert A. Heinlein as his major influence, but later branched off into mystery, childrenís fiction, romance, adventure, military and humour. He is known for his Medics Wild! Series, which is roughly based on his tour in Vietnam as a medic but has recently written, in collaboration with Jeanine Berry, a new series entitled The Sex Gates and the soon to be released, The Master of the Sex Gates. This volume along with The Pet Plague and Space Pets has enjoyed spectacular success, and is expected to become science fiction classics.

Darrell has proven to be a science fiction writer of the old "type", bringing to mind such greats as Robert A. Heinlien, Mike Resnick, Isaac Asimov and Larry Niven.

Deron Douglas
Publisher, Double Dragon Publishing



Sharks Play No Favorites was Bainís first published story. It appeared in The Testament of Lael, a chapbook anthology with a theological theme (loosely speaking). Bain has always admired the short-short story form as exemplified by Fredrick Brown, an acknowledged master of that genre and one of Bainís favorite authors. He decided to see if he could write in that format. They don?t come much shorter than this one, but you will have to be the judge of its worth.

Once upon a time an odd friendship developed between an atheist and a preacher. They loved to argue, in a friendly sort of way, even though they could never agree on anything.

"Jesus could walk on water," the preacher remarked one day as they were strolling together along a beach. "It has been written in the Bible."

"No way," the atheist disclaimed. "He was only a man. He couldn't have walked on water."

"Nonsense," the preacher said. "Why, even I could walk on water if I had enough faith, even as our Lord Jesus did."

"Prove your faith, then," the atheist dared. "Here is the ocean; walk on it for me, just as you say Jesus did."

The preacher hesitated for a long moment, then abruptly came to a decision. He knelt and prayed. Resolutely, he then rose and walked confidently out into the foam, the surf, the breakers, and on up onto the top of the rolling waves.

The atheist watched and wondered, but he did not kneel, nor did he pray. "It must be mind over matter," he thought. He hesitated also, but he was no less resolute than the preacher. Determinedly, he steeled his mind and walked forthrightly into the foam, the surf, the breakers, and on up onto the top of the rolling waves.

Salt spray soaked the both of them as still they continued to argue.

"This truly shows the power of faith," the preacher proclaimed ecstatically, gliding ever farther from the shore.

"It's simply mind over matter," the atheist insisted stoically, matching the preacher stride for stride.

Their argument might have gone on and on, but at that moment the waves around them turned into a bloody, churning froth from their lacerated bodies. Just before they died, the preacher and the atheist finally agreed on one thing: whether walking on water was a matter of faith or a state of mind, it should never be attempted in shark infested waters.