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Of Flesh and Hunger
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-035-3
Genre: Dark Fantasy
eBook Length: 374 Pages
Published: March 2003

From inside the flap

Editor John Edward Lawson welcomes you to a world where flesh-greed rules the day. He has assembled a host of writers who are committing the worst atrocities known to paper. This anthology aims to go where no others have, beyond the "mouth of madness" or the "belly of the beast" and straight into the minds of cannibals. The subject matter alone is guaranteed to raise eyebrows even among readers who have had everything thrown at them.

Of Flesh and Hunger promises to be the most controversial anthology of the new millennium, shocking readers not only with its extreme subject matter but with the deft prose our authors specialize in. The stories are at turns surreal, comic, gory, drenched with atmosphere, and action-packed; one common thread is the unique take each author offers us, keeping the subject fresh for your consumption. Take a seat at the feast and put yourself at the mercy of flesh and hunger.

Of Flesh and Hunger (Excerpt)


INTRODUCTION ? There Are Such Unfortunates: 12 Simple Steps to a Newer You by Christopher Danaher

The Harlequin and the Train by Paul G. Tremblay

American Cchinnamasta by Jeffrey Thomas

Papa Bo's Big-Ass Barbecue by Darren Speegle

Selection by Daniel G. Keohane

The Devil's Playground by Kurt Newton

Hungry Puppy by Hertzan Chimera

Henry and Glenda: A Modern Dark Fable by John Grover

Eating Disorders by Eric S. Brown

An Acquired Taste by R. Allen Leider

Babies in the Garden by Perry McGee

Tap That Ass by John Edward Lawson

Murder is Meat by Paul Bradshaw

But This is Not That Story by Larry R. Lamont and Vincent W. Sakowski

Nailbiter by Scott C. Carr

The Secret Ingredient by Dave Mathew and M.F. Korn

Hard Candy by Scott Thomas

Purity by Matthew Shute

Mercy by C.J. Henderson

Tulips by Earl Javorsky

The Stranger by Ronald Damien Malfi

EPILOGUE ? Second Helping by Michael A. Arnzen



There are Such Unfortunates: 12 Simple Steps to a Newer You

by Christopher Danaher

"You're in the right place," they said with smiles,

offers of coffee and Styrofoam cups.

They shook his hand and gave him hugs.

"We know how you feel," they consoled him.

He wasn't so sure; folding chairs, dark church basement...

talk of "God".

"Tell us your story," someone asked.

"Well," he started, "I'm an addict."

"I hurt people...did things."

"I hate what I've become...I can't stop...I have to do it."

"I'm a freak."

They shook their heads, and told him "No..."

"It doesn't have to be that way."

"It will be OK."

And, just for a moment, he believed them.

For the first time in ages, he felt like part of the human race.

He let his guard down...and cracked a smile.

His eyes shown bright in the dimly lit room.

Then it happened: they just sat there, staring back...mesmerized.

His teeth shined, long and sharp, through his "smile."

His urge to feed returned without mercy.