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Lady in Waiting
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-007-8
Genre: Romance/Romance
eBook Length: 255 Pages
Published: November 2002

From inside the flap

Since her grandfather's death three years ago, Joanna Blake has been unable to leave her house. Every time she walks through a doorway, she walks into the past. As a result, she has become a sickly recluse. Concerned villagers send the new doctor to pay a house call on her. Sparks fly between the two and, determined to prove that she's not insane, she brings the doctor into the past with her. This begins a series of adventures in Edwardian England as the two attempt to resolve their separate issues with events and people of the past, and they grow increasingly closer to each other.

Lady in Waiting (Excerpt)


Caroline Thomas sat at her window seat watching rain cascade down the pane of glass, a manila envelope from her mother unopened in her lap. She picked at the foreign stamps on the heavy packet. Mother had a forgiving nature, but Caroline could never forgive what Colin had done.

Her parents had the perfect marriage, of course. Her father was a man of great courage and determination. When she saw her name on the envelope, Caroline felt a surge of pride. She was a Thomas, after all, and her mother expected her to act like one. Still, she couldn?t shake off the bitterness that threatened constant tears. She tore off the end of the envelope and took out a sheaf of papers written in her motherís hand. It was not like her mother to be wordy, and she wondered why Mother had gone to such lengths to pen this much while her parents were on holiday.

Caroline looked at the first page. It was dated February 18, 2001, only a few days ago. Puzzled, she began to read.

My Dearest Caroline,

I know your heart is broken. When Colin left you, both your father and I were heart broken, too. Thereís nothing more devastating than love lost, but my dear girl, nothing more wonderful than love found. You?re so very young, and you have so much ahead of you. Promise me you won?t give up on a future full of happiness.

I want to tell you a story, one that you may find difficult to believe. You asked me once how your father and I met, and I was purposefully vague. I didn?t think you?d understand. Let me tell you now exactly how it happened.