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The Nexus
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-000-0
Genre: Fantasy/SF
eBook Length: 202 Pages
Published: November 2002

Total Readers: 1

From inside the flap

All Maggie O?Hara ever wanted was a nice, normal family. Living alone in a small town in Ohio, her dreams seem to come true when she discovers a family she never knew?3,000 miles away in Ireland.

Her motherís family welcomes her with open arms.

Her fatherís family is trying to kill her?and they?re not the only ones!

Meanwhile, posing as a pub singer is "Brian," the Daoine Sidhe assassin who is irresistibly drawn to Maggie, while under orders to destroy her.

Maggie discovers her ancient roots in modern-day Dublin. Her father bequeathed her both a gift?her half-fairy heritage?and a curse. She is a Nexus, a conduit from the magical world of Tir na Nog to the mortal realm.

Touch a Nexus and your wish will come true!

Reviews and Awards

This was a very cute story. The story opens with Maggie O?Hara arriving in Ireland to meet her long lost relatives, whom she discovered via the Internet. She is swamped with the sights and sounds of Dublin and falls in love with it. Then she is bombarded with relatives. I wanted to move in with them myself. The relatives are charming secondary characters, especially her Aunt Deirdre and Uncle Dermot and their daughter Christie. They welcome her into the family and immediately begin trying to get her to move there permanently. The family begins to reveal why she grew up with just her grandparents in America.

Strange things begin to happen the day she lands. Brigid, a cousin, is holding her hand when she wishes for a Barbie look-a-like doll and suddenly they are winning the doll. Then she meets Brian, a singer in the pub, and she is instantly attracted. You become aware that Brian has a hidden agenda. I won?t give anymore away because I don?t want to spoil it.

I must commend Ms. Stears on her details about Dublin, as I felt like I was there. You could smell the magic in the air. The slang used by Maggieís family was enchanting. The history you experience is just the right amount; you want to learn more but are not deluged with details. The problems faced by Maggie are cleverly solved.

Growing up with her grandparentís stories about the family behind in Ireland, Maggie O?Hara has always dreamed about meeting them. But she had promised her grandparents that she would not go to Ireland as long as they were alive.  But her dreams are about to be answered.  She finally has a family and immediately feels at home with them.  Now everything would be perfect if she could find out why Brian, the hunky singer from the pub, is pursuing her.  Oh and if everyone would quit insisting she is a good luck charm. 
Rich in Celtic mythology, THE NEXUS by Robin Stears does more than recite English idioms but instead brings the mythology and lifestyle alive for the reader.  Maggie pictures herself as an ordinary Irish American who is slightly pudgy and unlike most people she knows, still a virgin.  Readers can easily empathize with Maggieís desire for a family, her confusion about the word usage in Ireland and her fears where Brian are concerned.  Brian starts out rather focused on his mission, uncaring if anyone gets hurt; definitely not the usual hero type.  Maggieís family is outgoing, warm and welcoming.  They are superb in their role of supporting characters and help to move the plot along in places. 
THE NEXUS is an enjoyable read for a lazy afternoon.  While at times the plot does seem to drag slightly in places the end more then makes up for it.  This reviewer recommends THE NEXUS for any reader who enjoys modern day mythology and the faeries.
Reviewed by Shaiha
June 2006
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The Nexus (Excerpt)

Excerpt from Chapter 8

Brian had lain awake the rest of the previous night, debating whether to tell Maggie the truth about his mission, and had finally concluded he had no choice. He couldn?t bring himself to continue his seduction plans, not after admitting his true feelings for her. He didn?t want to hurt Maggie, but he was determined to somehow complete his mission. The only way to make that happen was to tell her the truth.

Now he took her arm and led her around the zoo, barely even glancing at the animals as he spoke.

"Maggie, darling, do you remember when Cormac O?Hara was telling you about the Daoine Sidhe? The fairy folk?" He took a deep breath and plunged in. "Well, the truth is they do actually exist, and I?m one of them. And you?re one of them, as well."

"Very funny. Are you a leprechaun or a Bean Sidhe?" Maggie punched his arm playfully.

"I?m not joking, Maggie. I?m a fairy and you?re a half-fairy. And besides, the Bean Sidhe is a woman. Well, they all sort of take turns at it, actually. The women, I mean."

"You?re nuts," she told him. "I knew this was a bad idea." She slipped her arm out of his and started to walk away. He grabbed her and turned her around to face him.

"No, I?m not, and you?re going to listen to me because this is important. You are a threat to my people, and you don?t even know it."

"Me? How can I be a threat to the immortal Daoine Sidhe?"

"Well, we?re not exactly immortal. Itís true we have a long lifespan because we don?t usually get sick, but we can be killed, thatís the truth of it. Now, don?t try to distract me. Letís just keep walking, and I?ll tell you the whole story. You still believe I have an agenda, do you?"

She nodded slowly. He saw the skepticism in her eyes and was determined to convince her.

"Well, I do have an agenda, and you?re it. You see, Maggie, love, you?re what we call a Nexus, a conduit that connects the mortal realm and the fairy world. You make wishes come true. Anyone who makes a wish while touching a Nexus will get their wish."

"Thatís absurd," Maggie shook her head. "Itís coincidence, nothing more. Thereís no such thing as magic. Itís just a coincidence."

"No, it isn?t, and I?ll prove it." Brian looked around for a likely victim. He wanted to prove his point, but he didn?t really want to hurt anyone. He sighed, knowing that before he met Maggie he hadn?t worried about that sort of thing. He?d done whatever he wanted to do, and pity the poor mortals who got in his way.

He spotted a little boy holding his motherís hand and gazing longingly at another childís ice cream.

"There, see that lad? The one whoís standing there by the giraffe? Watch this." He grasped Maggieís hand firmly. "I wish that child had an ice cream."