Celebrating 15 years of Service

“Kudos to Deron Douglas and Double Dragon Publishing who took a chance on this then newbie author's first ever fantasy novel. It's difficult for me to express how easy and pleasant it has been for me dealing with Deron, starting with that first one and continuing through the five books published to date. If I have a question or an issue that requires special attention, it often feels as though he responds almost before I finish hitting the "send" key.

AND, as many others have noted, Deron's cover art is just plain awesome. He's a master of capturing the feel of either a specific pivotal scene or the overall theme of the book.

In closing, I feel bound to say I'm sorry for those authors who don't have a publisher as supportive and creative as Deron and his Double Dragon Publishing company.”

Walter C. Conner, author of "Wisdom Chronicles"
Wizard of Wisdom ? Princess of Wisdom ? Children of Wisdom ? Kingdom of Wisdom ? Heirs of Wisdom

“A great publishing experience.” Kyra Dune, author of the Firebrand Trilogy

“Deron Douglas has to be the best cover artist in the business today, having created jaw-dropping art for my series Primordium. But I fear readers have been buying my books only to gaze wondrously at the covers, never bothering to read the prose inside.” - William E. Mason

“With the seven books I have published, Double Dragon Publishing is the fourth publisher I have dealt with and is by far the best. They recognize talent and support their authors. They are always there to respond and help.

My seventh book, The People’s Warrior, is a Native American Indian focused biography. Due to the speciality of the book, Double Dragon Publishing created a new imprint, Bear Spirit Press, and used my book as the flagship for the imprint. I felt honored with this special attention and to be a part of DDP.” – Gary Babb

“A publisher that empowers new and up-and-coming authors to showcase their work and break into the dynamic eBook market.” - Diane J. Bleyer, author of A Mother’s Right.

“I was delighted that Double Dragon Publishing published my first novel, a controversial dark fantasy, and my second, the book of my heart, as well as my third AND fourth! DDP is sensitive to the author’s needs, conversant with the market and all-around great place to be.” – Linda Nightingale

“A DDP author for eight years now, I can attest that DDP's the greatest!” Mary Ann Steele, author of WARRIOR-WOMAN: THE FORGING OF THE LEGEND

“DDP ranks as a fantastic publisher--innovative and daring!” Alexandra Adams, author of GABRIELLE'S AWAKENING

“Publisher Deron Douglas’ book covers, which are so important to a first impression of any book, eBook or print, superbly focus the reader’s attention on the essence of each title,and are top of the class among eBook publishers.” --Michael D. Smith, author of Jack Commer, Supreme Commander.

“Double Dragon has given voice to authors who didn’t have a voice. Ronald K. Myers’ overnight, thirty-year success, STAY ON THE BLUE GRASS, and many other author’s novels have rocketed to the best-seller rankings of Amazon.com.”

“Double Dragon Publishing is one of the best publishers in her arena! As an author, it has been a great pleasure working with this company. All my best for the NEXT 15 years.” - Donald Allen Kirch, Author of "A STAKE IN MURDER.

“The experience of publishing my 3 fantasy offerings with Double Dragon has been exceptional. Deron Douglas is professional, responsive, and extremely helpful in all aspects of the publishing and marketing process in the fantasy and science fiction realm. I highly recommend Double Dragon for quality sci-fi authors who expect a top-notch production result.” - Charles J. Schneider, author of UNDER THE FORTGOTTEN OAK: THE DEFINITIVE SECOND EDITION; CYTHEREA; and WITH TOWER AND TURRETS, CROWNED.

“I came to Double Dragon Publishing because of the quality books and marvelous covers, but the personalized service is what really makes me want to stay.” R.A.M. Graham

“Congratulations to Double Dragon Publishing on its 15th anniversary, a steady ship on a tumultuous sea of publishing companies that come and go like so much flotsam. Here's to another successful fifteen years.” - Brian L Porter - Author, A Study in Red, The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper, Legacy of the Ripper, Requiem for the Ripper and Pestilence.

“I am thrilled to have joined the DDP author ranks this year! Congratulations!! Here's to the next fabulous 15 years -- and beyond....” Debra Killeen, author of the Unholy War trilogy.

“Double Dragon published both of my books, "Blairview" and "The Dark Sorcerer" back in the early days. I was lucky to have found Deron Douglas and lucky that he agreed to publish my work. Double Dragon rocks!” - Nancy Eddy

“Congrats! to Double Dragon Publishing (DDP) and Deron Douglas for fifteen years of showing what a true partnership between a publishing house and its authors is all about!” - Sheri L. McGathy, OMNIBUS, A Collection of Fantasy Stories

“Congratulations to Double Dragon Press on their 15th year in publishing. I have had 5 books published by DDP, and they have done an excellent job with all of my books. The credit goes to Deron Douglas, whose stunning cover designs have made my novels stand out from other thrillers.” – Lee Gimenez, author of Virtual Thoughtstream, Blacksnow Zero, and The Nanotech Murders

“I’ve been published with DDP since 2009. I was in search of a trustworthy publisher dedicated to their authors and audience. Thankfully, I stumbled upon DDP. The publisher who believes in quality.” - D.L. Narrol

“Receiving my contract for We Shadows started me on the road of continued improvement with the confidence of a publisher who supports my vision for my series. I cannot imagine where I would be without Double Dragon Publishing.” - Thomm Quackenbush, author of the Night’s Dream series (We Shadows, Danse Macabre, and Artificial Gods)

“Double Dragon has been a leading edge ebook publisher since prehistoric times, back when we read on Pilots, Visors and Rockets right up to the present, when we are so advanced we can't keep up with ourselves. I was delighted to discover Deron and his company back in 2001, and am even more delighted that he keeps changing with the times, and Double Dragon remains on that leading edge. Long may it fly!” - J. Crispin-Ripley, author of The Image of Christian and other epic tomes.

“Deron, congratulations on 15 years of service to a large number of authors with your dedication, imaginative marketing and honest dealings. When the publisher of my award-winning novel "Sleeper, Awake" folded, you rescued my book, and thanks to you, it is still available, through the many transformations of the e-book business.”

“Double Dragon has been a great support for me as an author by providing first-rate editors who have used their skills to transform my manuscripts into polished, finished novels. I wish DDP even more success in the next 15 years.” - Tony Chandler

“Working with Double Dragon Publishing has been a great experience. I have three books published through them; Destiny Island, This Dark Time and Windows of Farn. Deron is patient and willing to work with anyone and strives for excellence. I look forward to many more years with this company.” - Tim Hanner

“Sincerest congratulations to Double Dragon ~ a uniquely satisfying publishing experience!” - Charles L. Sanders, author of SPAWN OF THE SOLSTICE and LOGAN!

“Happy Anniversary to Double Dragon! I'm thrilled with the job they did with Between Worlds. The cover art even looked like I'd imagined.” - Melissa Mead

“Congratulations on your fifteen year anniversary! Looking forward to many more years and reading many more great titles!” - Daniel Steeves Connaughton, author of Imora and Keeper of the Bones

“Congratulations to Deron Douglas and DDP on fifteen years of innovative and exciting publishing!” -Stephanie Bedwell-Grime, author of Chilling Out

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