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Submissions are now CLOSED for the remainder of 2017. We have filled our 2018 schedule and will open submissions again in 2018 for our 2019 schedule.

Note that any submissions sent during this time period will not be reviewed.

Download Submission Template

Before you get started

After reviewing our subs for the remainder of the 2017 release schedule, we at DDP have decided to move away from Sword and Sorcery type stories for the time being. This is not to say that we will not return to this sub-genre, but for the time being, we will focus on Science Fiction, Horror, Thriller/Suspense and Dark Fantasy.

"Dark fantasy is a subgenre of fantasy which can refer to literary, artistic, and cinematic works that incorporates darker and frightening themes of fantasy. It also often combines fantasy with elements of horror. The term can be used broadly to refer to fantastical works that have a dark, gloomy atmosphere or a sense of horror and dread."

We are also interested in a mix of the above mentioned genres.

Starting in 2016 all new titles will be released as 6x9 trade paperbacks apearing on Amazon, B&N, etc.

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We will accept previously published works only if the author exclusively holds the rights.

We will not accept simultaneous submissions! Please make sure that your submission has been sent EXCLUSIVELY to us.

RESPONSE TIME: We will process submissions as they are submitted, and depending on our work load, you can expect an email reply within 6-8 weeks of the date received.

GENRES: We are currently accepting SCIENCE FICTION, including Hard (Science) SF, Space Fiction, Sci Fi, Future Fiction, Lost Civilizations, Utopias, Dystopias, Disaster Novels, Alternate Histories, Time Travel, Parallel Worlds, etc., and FANTASY, including Horror, Gothic, etc. As well as HORROR. Other genres will be considered on a individual basis.

SERIES OF NOVELS: If an author has completed a series of related works, and we accept the first book in the series, we will also accept the other novels in the series, unless we discover the quality of those to be markedly inferior to that of the first book. Each book in the series should stand alone (have a definite conclusion).


  1. The entire manuscript of a work must not only be completely finished, but also lovingly, painstakingly edited and polished, and placed in the format we require. (See the section on formatting.) We will not accept submissions that require exhaustive editing, no matter how ingenious the story line may be.
  2. Believable, well-developed characters.
  3. A riveting plot. We want those fascinating characters to be caught up in an intense, dramatic, suspenseful conflict. We want to see an action-packed beginning that immediately draws us into the unfolding drama. We want the suspense to build toward a thunderous climax.
  4. Originality. We want stories that stand apart from those of established, successful authors. We want stories written by people possessed of a vivid imagination, an ability to write memorable prose, a talent for creating lively, natural-sounding dialogue, and a determination to avoid long, dull, descriptive, repetitive passages that impede the flow of the narrative. Authors of hard science fiction should be knowledgeable regarding current science and technology, so that their portrayal of futuristic scientific achievements does not violate the laws of physics.

COVER ART: Double Dragon Publishing will provide intriguing, highly artistic cover art. The image created for a particular book will appear both in the eBook file of the work, and on the paperback version, if the author elects to offer a paperback version. We do not accept cover art provided by the author. The artistry of our cover artist forms an eye-catching signature attribute distinguishing all novels sold by us.


  1. A full contract will be supplied to the author for review upon our acceptance of the work.
  2. Royalties: 30-40 % of the amount received from a reseller, and 8 % of the cover price for print books.
  3. Rights: we will acquire the exclusive eBook and Paperback rights for five years, with an automatic one year renewal unless either party provides a written request after the five year term, but before the anniversary of each one year renewal date.
  4. Royalty payments that total more than $25.00 will be paid semiannually in US dollars. Payments will be made approximately two months after the end of the period. The length of this delay will depend on the amount of time our retailers take to distribute payments to us.


-- Manuscripts must be submitted electronically, in .rtf or .doc format created in MS WORD (Word 98 or above), and be sent as an attachment to an email, to submissions (at) double-dragon-ebooks (dot) com . (We apologize for not giving the link exactly, but in order to reduce the amount of spam we receive, we ask that you place the proper symbols in this email address.)

-- We will NOT accept manuscripts sent in other formats, or those contained within the body of an email. We will NOT accept manuscripts in HTML, Mac, WordPerfect, or MS Works.

-- The submission must be a single file separated into two parts by a Next Page break.

-- Manuscripts must be placed in the format we require. See our Formatting Guidelines.



The synopses and biography will be used to help sell your book, so make those as well-crafted as the narrative they describe!

Part B. Copy and paste your complete, proofread, carefully edited, properly formatted manuscript into this part of the single document.

FORMATTING THE MANUSCRIPT : we require that your manuscript be formatted as follows:

Enter in each the values indicated in A and B, below:

A. Format, Font: Times New Roman, regular, 12 point.

B. Format, Paragraph, Indents and Spacing, General: Alignment = left, Outline Level = body text. Indentation: Left = 0, Right = 0. Special = First line, By = .5. Spacing: Before = 0 pt. After = 0 pt. Line Spacing = single.

  1. Do not put blank lines between the paragraphs of text.
  2. Do not use headers or footers, and do not number the pages.
  3. Use one-inch margins.
  4. Leave ONE space between sentences.
  5. Thoughts expressed by a character, as opposed to spoken words, must be italicized rather than placed within quotation marks. Foreign words or phrases, and words that the author wishes to emphasize, must also be italicized. Do not use underlining for any reason. This does not translate well to various eBook formats.
  6. Do not press the Tab key at the beginning of each paragraph! Doing so will double the degree of indentation. If you habitually do that, and are now putting a completed manuscript into the format we require, please remove all the Tab arrows at the beginning of each paragraph. To render those Tab arrows visible, click on the Show/Hide icon in the Standard MS Word toolbar. (You can use Find and Replace to remove the Tab marks. Click on Find, More, Special, Tab Character. Click on replace. Leave Replace blank. Click on Replace All. The Tab arrows will all vanish.)
  7. We strongly recommend that you get into the habit of activating the Show/Hide icon on the Standard MS Word Toolbar as you write, so as to see not only the arrows made by the Tab key, but also the dots representing spaces and the symbols representing paragraph marks.
  8. Try not to leave two spaces at the end of the last sentence of a paragraph. Those wrap around. In some formats used by publishers, those wrapped-around spaces can cause trouble. We urge you to perform the tedious task of removing those, if they abound in your manuscript, before sending it to us.

First Page of the Manuscript:

  1. In the upper left hand corner, place the following, each on its own line:
  2. Your real name

    Pen name you wish used

    Word count

    Your mailing address

    Your email address

  3. Place the cursor on the line that says "Delete the instructions given below." Read and then delete the instructions. Insert the properly formatted, single-spaced manuscript.
  4. Separate chapters with a Page Break. To insert a Page Break, click on Insert , in the main MS Word toolbar, and then on Break, and then on "Page Break." Do not leave blank space above the chapter heading.

We require this kind of formatting because it makes submissions easy for us to read, and easy to set up for publishing. Because we save time by setting this requirement, you can be assured that a book we accept will be offered for sale that much sooner!

To download an MS Word Submissions Template into which you can copy and paste your personal information, synopses, and manuscript, click HERE .

If you have questions regarding any aspect of the formatting described above, email us at submissions (at) double-dragon-ebooks (dot) com and we will reply promptly.


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