Ylisa Ebert

Ylisa Ebert grew up in Chepstow, ON, Canada. Although many members of her family were highly charismatic, Ylisa had the social graces of a drowning cat. She spent more time inhaling every book she could get her hands on than she did making friends. As a result of this, she is contentedly awkward and has also gained an appreciation for books and authors across a variety of mediums and genres. Ylisa began dabbling in writing at the early age of seven, with pitiful results that were mostly plagiarized versions of the Narnia series. She got slightly worse as she passed into her teen years, what with the prevalence of whininess and stupidity in her characters. It wasn't until her post secondary education that a double major in English and French as well as a creative writing critique and workshop course helped her develop her abilities as a novelist. Now Ylisa lives with her husband, son, and daughter, and she writes full time accompanied by two slightly neurotic dogs.

Titles Available from Ylisa Ebert

Rynna has lived her entire life inexplicably and repeatedly trying to kill herself. As a result, she and her mother are chased from one community to the next, persecuted as demons and witches. Rynna's only ambitions of remaining anonymous and ignored are destroyed when a dragon informs her that she is the reincarnation of the Lord of Salvation, the god of the elves, dwarves, and humans. Now she and the dragon must set off to the capital city to find her priests, lead her people, and stop a war. On the way she must avoid the Prince of Dusk's abominable underbeings, her own overly zealous countrymen, and insidious mind consuming butterflies, all the while trying to keep herself from accidentally committing suicide.
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