Walter Cie

Walter Cie is a native Californian who currently lives in Southern California with his wife of over forty years. He has worked in the printing industry in production, sales, and management his entire adult life. Over a span of more than twenty years, he has written dozens of industry specific computer programs – most of which are still in use – and he is the holder of a U.S. patent for a computer printer stand.

Besides writing advertising and internet copy, he has had several articles published in industry niche publications. Prior to this story, he wrote a “swords and sorcerers” trilogy, as well as a series of short chapter books for young readers about the magic of believing.

The Damnation of Antoinette d’Acier is his first foray into the stimulating genre of erotica.

Titles Available from Walter Cie

Dave Morgan's marriage is kaput, his emotions are in shambles, and he's seriously looking at suicide as the most attractive way out of his pain when the company's newest engineer is introduced to him. Toni Steele is young, pretty, intelligent and magnetically sensual. Her dark, mysterious eyes draw him immediately from his pain and immerse him in a whirlpool of sexual ecstasy – ecstasy that he never got but always wanted from his ex-wife.

However, the love they have found within their sexual explorations is threatened because Toni harbors a dreadful secret – a secret that promises to separate them forever.
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