Walter C. Conner

Mr. Conner is a native Californian who currently lives in Southern California with his wife of over forty years. He is retired from the printing industry where he spent his entire adult life in production, sales, and management. During that time he wrote magazine articles as well as advertising and website copy, and dozens of industry specific computer programs, many of which are still in use.

His first ‘swords and sorcerers’ fantasy novel, Wizard of Wisdom, is Book I of his “WISDOM CHRONICLES” series.

Titles Available from Walter C. Conner

Wil has arrived at his sixty-fifth birthday after a directionless, purposeless, friendless lifetime. In the little village of Wisdom which sits close against the Old Forest, the last refuge of the elves before they departed this world many centuries before, he finds a place where he finally feels at home working as the assistant of the village swineherd, Scrubby.
Four years after Wil’s confrontation with Greyleige (Wizard of Wisdom), the evil vaporized in the collision of magics atop the tower at the center of Blackstone has begun to coalesce and float to earth, corrupting any person it touches. A large clot of the darkness gives access to the true source of the horrifying creatures summoned by Greyleige from the other side of the boundary in his bid to control the world and attain immortality.
It has been twenty years since Styxis was sealed off from this world by Wil and Caron on the demoness’s side of the boundary (Princess of Wisdom).
Two years had passed since Wil created the portal between the worlds (Children of Wisdom); two years since the life-spark sisters Aimee and Desirée first met and reached out to each other following Wil’s confrontation with Styxis in her throne room. With the melding of the sisters’ spirits at the moment their life sparks were joined in a flash of magical energy, the demoness had been diminished.
The kingdom that Princess Caron Gleneagle had foreseen would one day be created by her son Alexander (Princess of Wisdom–Wisdom Chronicles–Book Two) when he was only three months old had come to pass (Kingdom of Wisdom–Wisdom Chronicles–Book Four). But any prophecy can be undone by events beyond the control of the participants—and all too often by events created by the participants themselves.
Gods of Wisdom continues the Wisdom Chronicles saga immediately following the coronation of Ryan, the successor of Alexander who had founded the Kingdom of Wisdom more than sixty-five years earlier. (Book Five ~ Heirs of Wisdom)

Wil and Caron—along with the new King Ryan, the other Heirs of Wisdom and several new allies—are drawn into a protracted and deadly battle to turn away a chaotic alien magic transported from another world and time which threatens the existence of not only Wil, but the Old Forest, the Portal and the balance of power between the worlds of good and evil.
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