Tony Chandler

I live in Atlanta, GA. I’ve lived here over 20 years now We celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary in January with our friends, it was really lovely. My daughter Meghan is now 23 years old. ( Now, why do I feel so old?)

K.C. is 14 years old, our black and white cat with four white socks. This tiny kitten followed my wife home one day - we guess the kitten was about six weeks old. I was changing the oil in my car and saw this tiny kitten pitter-pattering behind my wife and doing her best to keep up and not let her get away. Little did I realize, my wife had saved her life and she had adopted us! The little kitten had gotten lost in a big patch of kudzu. And if you’ve been to Georgia, you know those kudzu vines can devour entire trees and hill sides! My wife heard her crying plaintively from deep within the vines and called to her until she escaped!

We are not sure if K.C. stands for Kudzu Cat, Krazy Cat, or Kitty Cat. She’s a great cat, though she has gotten a bit grouchy in her old age!

Andy is our tom cat, 10 years old. He is 1/4 Himilayan and our "handsome lad." He is soft, fluffy and our spoiled baby.

Titles Available from Tony Chandler

In the midst of Galactic War a new life-form is born--an AI starship. But with all its weapons and sophisticated programming, the sentient starship is not equipped for its greatest challenge--that of becoming the mother to the last three children of humanity. The deadly T’kaan soon begin the hunt again after they discover that the human race is not quite extinct. As Mother faces these impossible odds, she discovers that deep inside her massive memory systems she holds another treasure--a knowledgebase that contains all the science, lore, wisdom and art of the human race since the beginning of time. Now Mother must fight not only to save humanity from extinction, but also from being forgotten by the rest of the universe...
The much anticipated sequel to MotherShip! Traveling to the farthest known worlds of the universe, Mother, Jaric and Kyle continue their search for other survivors of the human race. They soon find themselves caught in a web of intrigue, deception and danger – all orchestrated by the mysterious and powerful Paum. Mother now comes face-to-face with the Paum – a life-altering encounter that shakes the foundation of her existence as an AI. As her enemies reveal themselves and attack, both they and the terrible truth she has discovered threaten to destroy them all…
Gordon Smith and Sarah Nightingale are lost in time… And most disturbing, they have no memories of their lives prior to time traveling. As they journey through Earth’s timeline, they search for clues to their previous life and to the most important question of all – what happened to wipe out their memories?
Here at last is the heart-pounding story that concludes the trilogy THE SONG OF LIFE.
The 'Song of Life' is a tale about a one-legged Mockingbird named Bluesky. At its heart, it is a story of how love and friendship ultimately conquer hatred and prejudice - and how a hero is born.
Orphaned and outcast, Bluesky despairs of ever finding acceptance and friendship.

But a kindly mourning dove invites him to join her flock, even though he has always heard that ’birds of a feather stick together.’ Then, with the support of Ol’ Gray Mama, Bluesky works up the courage to ask the wise owl Nightwind how to find a friend.
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