* Siqokte

Neil Robinson was born in Fairbanks Alaska in 1954, the third of four children for his WW2 vet father, "Robby", and his adventurous wife, Elizabeth, who had come to Alaska in 1952. They moved to Tok, a small town in eastern Alaska near the Canadian border when he was still an infant, and he went to grade school and High school in one long building, starting at one end and graduating out the other in 1972. This story takes place in that area of the huge state, and although it's purely fiction was inspired by actual spooky sightings of a naked woman near Yerrick creek during one winter in the late 1960's. His Inupiate name, Siqokte, was given to him by his mother in law, who was an Eskimo linguist. Pronounced, See-coke-tay, she said it means "one who kneels down to pray," which was as close to his name as she could get. He now lives in Kenai, Alaska, with his wife, Olivia, and grandson, Jeremy.

Titles Available from Siqokte

Roland Johnson has carried around the guilt of his wife’s death for the past two years, after failing to hold onto her and letting the current of the Snake River carry her away when their canoe tipped over in a freak accident. Losing Choo (her nickname) and abandoned by his friends, he sells his farm in southern Idaho and, after many dreams of Choo in the snow, he decides that he’s tired of the stifling heat of the high desert and heads for Alaska to try and shock some meaning into his shattered life.
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