Scott H. Urban

Scott H. Urban is a former Army brat who somehow serendipitously found himself living in the Cape Fear region of the east coast. His fiction, poetry, and reviews can be found in many small press publications and sprinkled throughout the Web. He edited the small poetry zine FRISSON and publishes through Skull Job Productions. His dark poetry has been collected as NIGHT?S VOICE and SKULL-JOB. With Martin H. Greenberg, he edited the DAW anthology THE CONSPIRACY FILES. Miraculously, his family hasn?t yet turned him out of the house.

Titles Available from Scott H. Urban

Let your eyes adjust to the darkness contained within this unparalleled tome of terrifying poetry. Let yourself be drawn down into the mausoleum of decayed verbiage and grim visions, meeting the poets your mortician always warned you about. These seventeen international authors gathered in the cemetery are already well known within horror poetry circles for their diverse imaginations. Deftly shifting from free verse to sonnets, from grotesque to darkly comical, the Cemetery Poets scream from beyond the grave with deadly accuracy. Editor Peggy Jo Shumate asks, "Do you have a dread of shadowy places?" The answer, after reading Cemetery Poets: Grave Offerings, will undoubtedly be a resounding yes! Step inside the cemetery gates and
savor every wretched flavor of fear ever conceived.

This collection of tales comes from the quill of Penemue, fallen angel and bringer of ink and pen to the children of men. Listen as he recounts his tales, both new and old, of his brethren demons when they  walked the earth of men. This volume contains twelve stories from the darkest new authors in horror today. Tales that will not only haunt you, but will also delight.

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