Sasha Edl

Sasha Edl is an avid writer and reader of science fiction. She has been writing for the majority of her life, and writing is, in fact, her greatest pastime. Sasha has a degree in English, philosophy and education, and is currently working as a middle school teacher.

Her passions include environmental protection, animal rights, gender equality and ethics surrounding AI; all of which show themselves in her writing. Though originally from Canada, she now resides in North Dakota with her wonderful and handsome husband. She continues to write the next chapters in Astraea's tale.

Titles Available from Sasha Edl

Along the shore of scattered bones and metal skulls stands a rift between two worlds. A perfected young woman seeks the mysteries of human existence by digging through the corpses in her mind. Living and growing in a massive, sterile cage she yearns to change the world outside for the better. But even she knows that this will mean the end of an entire race.

Astraea, born not as human, but a mix of all things, must accept her path, or doom her soul to darkness. Her painful journey will put into question all the aspects of life she thought she knew. Humanity, as it has done forever, must confront the questions that shape the pursuit of vast intelligence. This new world is full of shifting characters and deceit. Astraea must manoeuvre between perceived reality and the truth; between the realms of machine and magic. Perhaps the pursuit of artificial intelligence should have been abandoned before it even began. Empyrean is a tale that stretches back through time and leaps forward again.
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