Robin Stears

Robin (n?e Courtney) Stears lives less than five miles from her childhood home in Ohio with her husband and two daughters. She is a crossword puzzle constructor, Girl Scout troop leader and media coordinator, summer day camp director, game inventor, party planner, and most recently, a romance novelist.

Robin’s interest range from holistic healing to science fiction, and from philosophy to karaoke. She’s been writing and telling stories since she was old enough to write, and has published such varied media as newspaper articles, short stories, technical manuals and poetry. The Luck of the Irish, a paranormal romance, is her first novel. Fans can contact Robin at

Titles Available from Robin Stears

All Maggie O?Hara ever wanted was a nice, normal family. Living alone in a small town in Ohio, her dreams seem to come true when she discovers a family she never knew?3,000 miles away in Ireland.

Her mother’s family welcomes her with open arms.

Her father’s family is trying to kill her?and they?re not the only ones!

Meanwhile, posing as a pub singer is "Brian," the Daoine Sidhe assassin who is irresistibly drawn to Maggie, while under orders to destroy her.

Maggie discovers her ancient roots in modern-day Dublin. Her father bequeathed her both a gift?her half-fairy heritage?and a curse. She is a Nexus, a conduit from the magical world of Tir na Nog to the mortal realm.

Touch a Nexus and your wish will come true!

Gillian Castor has a gift-psychometry, the ability to discern information from a person or an object simply by touching it. Michael Stockard, a former LAPD homicide detective, despises all things outside the purview of normality, including Gillian. Which is fine with her, because she can?t bear to touch him.
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