Robert W. Birch

Robert W. Birch is a retired marital and sex therapist who began writing in earnest after his retirement. He has written and published in print four sexuality information and self-help books and two e-books, as well as a collection of short erotic stories. His training and experience enable him to write with keen insight into the fantasies, motives and behaviors of both genders and of all persuasions. His first novel, Settling the Score, a 400-page erotic mystery, was offered by the Venus Erotic Book Club as one of its member selections.

Bob writes of believable sexual encounters that occur within the context of realistic relationships, except when one of the main characters is an alien. He believes that sex on any planet should be fun, so he writes with humor. He is member of the Erotica Readers and Writers of America and of Romance Writers of America. He lives in rural Ohio where he writes in the company of his wife, four dogs, two tanks of fish, and two cages of birds.

Titles Available from Robert W. Birch

Young men and women are vanishing into thin air, leaving clothing behind, layered just as though their bodies evaporated. Julie, a virginal farm girl, is one of the abductees. She suddenly finds herself naked and surrounded by dozens of other naked young adults. She has been snatched and transported into year of 2510, where she is subjected to propaganda and mental manipulation. She soon discovers that the women are there for their fertile eggs and the men for their sperm.
This short novel recounts the sexual and romantic adventures of Fred, a horny human male, and Acklinta, a hornier alien from outer space. She has come to Earth to look for new products for her family’s intergalactic import/export business. She describes some of their top-selling items and the unusual characters who buy them. She also describes the sexual organs and the activities of a variety of extraterrestrials.

In the course of the story, another Forsuntian female is captured by a creature that will drain her fluids as a topping for the lime sherbet it has grown to crave. No humans or aliens get injured during the humorous rescue. The book contains detailed, explicit sexual scenes written in language spiced with exotic terms used on other planets.
Mary Grace, a seventy-year old widow whose family taught her to feel ashamed of her body and guilty about sexual desires, catches fire sexually after menopause. Now ready to grapple with shame and guilt, she becomes the lover of a seventy-one-year-old retired teacher turned poet. Nick teaches Mary Grace what tender loving sex is all about. A resentful woman from Nick’s past complicates the relationship developing between Nick and Mary Grace. Will the two main characters live and love happily ever after?
This erotic murder mystery involves a host of interesting characters whose sexual histories and preferences are richly revealed in their backstories. We learn of their current fantasies and behaviors: all hot, some kinky. This is a story of parties and orgies, of mixing and matching, of lust and love. The characters interact in a number of exotic ways, but in the forefront of all the action is a young woman named Niki.

Niki is acknowledged by the others as the wild one in the group. She’s not afraid to push the limits, and she takes a few of the others along for the ride. However, she becomes implicated in the murder of her former high school’s gym coach: a sex addict who kept a detailed record of all his perverted sexual activities. Niki is in this record. The criminal investigation touches the lives of many of the story’s characters, and along the way there is a second murder. Someone is trying to conceal evidence. Someone settled the score. But who?
Kevin, an aspiring author who works as a mover of furniture, finds the diary of Margaret, a widow who died at age ninety with no surviving family. On seeing Margaret’s youthful-appearing ghost, Kevin manages to quell his fear when he realizes that the sexy apparition means him no harm. He quickly discovers that the recently deceased woman’s ghost plans to use her personal journal as her way of eliciting his help. Kevin and his wife Cathy, two young, uninhibited, amorous spouses whose passionate love for each other forms the main reason for their being selected as helpers by the sexy female ghost, discover the details of the tragic death of Margaret’s only child: a gay man who was stabbed to death in 1983 at the age of forty-two.

Convinced that Margaret will never be able to join her son and husband until the murderer of their son is found, Kevin and Cathy discover that Margaret communicates by causing cryptic clues to appear. They find that Margaret retains a sense of humor, a lively curiosity about sex, and a delightful giggle. As the two ardent lovers conduct their investigation, their efforts bring them even closer, emotionally. Their awareness that Margaret observes their bouts of energetic, passionate lovemaking fails to bother them in the least.

Kevin and Cathy put together a team, including the retired detective who investigated the murder, the current Chief of Police, and a number of gay males. The team members follow false leads and find themselves forced to reinterpret clues, but the search finally leads to a shocking revelation, justice for Margaret and the man murdered so long ago, and a deepening of the emotional bond uniting Kevin and Cathy.
Acklinta came to Earth from the planet Forsunti, with her personality, memories and awareness assimilated into what she calls her human fabrication. Fred, an Earthman, and this beautiful human female soon entered a committed, passionate relationship. When Acklinta returns temporarily to her home planet, an alien from another planet captures Fred’s attention by using a powerful aphrodisiac released through the large nipple of her right breast. Fred also meets a female extraterrestrial who loves fondling male genitalia and possesses a unique ability that quickly arouses men.

When Acklinta returns to Earth to learn of her competition, will she remain committed to Fred? And if she does, will she and Fred succeed in solving the problems posed by the aliens with whom he has become involved?
In this third book of the Acklinta Series, the love and sexual attraction between Acklinta, the lovely alien, and Fred, the horny human, remains strong. Acklinta longs to fulfill many sexual fantasies, and Fred, of course, is more than willing to help in this regard. However, a past indiscretion comes back to haunt Acklinta. A Forsuntian with whom she had a casual erotic encounter has come to Earth determined to take her back, with or without her consent. Nockuta succeeds in drugging and abducting Acklinta. Fred and a group of his alien friends try to find her. The team persists until both the action and the sex reaches unprecedented heights.
In this fourth and final book of the series, Fred agrees to accompany Acklinta, his alien lover, on a visit to Forsunti, her home planet. During the weightless phase of the flight, he and Acklinta join the Mega Miles High Club, along with other space travelers, and experience sex in a weightless environment. While operating a Forsuntian vehicle, Fred sees a filmy black apparition invisible to Acklinta. His reaction attracts the attention of a law enforcement officer, and a remarkable adventure commences.

Will Fred and the former enemy who switches to Fred’s side during a major crisis threatening Forsunti prevail over their dangerous opponents?
After five years of marriage, Rusty and Sharon remain deeply in love. Rusty, a deputy sheriff, becomes involved in the investigation of a series of murders. He quickly discovers that the three strangled women all belonged to a very active swingers’ community. Sharon joins Rusty and Tina, a detective active in the investigation, in seeking new evidence. The three engage in role-playing shown via a webcam to the members of a swingers’ online chat room. The three investigators unearth valuable information about the victims and their lovers. The suspense steadily mounts, as the investigators sort through a wealth of clues. Sharon’s and Rusty’s mutual love for each other deepens, even as the action gets hotter. A dramatic climax to this story leaves the reader breathless.
The Earth is in danger of being overrun by ravenous alien creatures. Time traveling humans from another planet come to offer help, but they too seem powerless against the rapidly growing number of predators. A female and her two mates from five hundred years in the future come to the assistance of three earthling couples, and when the members of that group are not trying to survive they explore sex, using a variety of techniques and trying creative combinations.

The six earthlings are forced to spend long days and nights hiding in a cold, damp coal cellar in the basement of an old farmhouse. Despite the danger, the earthlings and the time travelers succumb to perpetual lust of an intensity they normally do not generate. Eventually, when the power is off, food grows scarce and tempers flare, they wonder if they will die here. Will the invaders be stopped? Can the Cellar Six survive? What have they taught the well-endowed time travelers about making love?
Dan Carlyle becomes the world’s first time traveler as he is sent on short junkets back in time by Dr. Simpson. Dan travels through both time and distance and visits a number of exotic locations, regularly meeting up with a very seductive blonde time traveler named Crystal. There is a persistent problem, however. He is unable to remember any details of his adventures. This problem persists.
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