Rob Mancebo

A former army scout and infantryman, classified courier, locksmith, alarm/video technician, and security guard, Rob now makes his living in the tamer environment of emergency medical care as an MA/LXMO.

He’s had numerous spec-fiction, historical fiction, Western, fantasy, and SciFi stories published in: Amazing Journeys, Electronic Tales, Cyberpulp, AlienSkin, Abandoned Towers, Flashing Swords, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, Raygun Revival, and Spacewesterns magazines, as well as pieces in Rage of the Behemoth, Fist Full of Hollers, and Clash of Steel anthologies. He’s also been a slush reader for Flashing Swords magazine and edits for Cyberwizard Productions.

Titles Available from Rob Mancebo

Otherworldly adventures gleaned from the scorching pages of Raygun Revival and Spacewesterns Magazines. The stars light the way through the vast canvas of the universe to a myriad of worlds teeming with space pirates, light-fingered ladies, warring civilizations, dashing heroes, embattled refugees, and aliens of every possible description.
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