Rick R. Reed

Rick R. Reed’s horror fiction embraces the demimonde of urban Chicago, where serial killers, pedophiles and those who?ve bargained with the devil seek life’s simple pleasures, including torture, pain, humiliation, sexual degradation, addiction and murder. His published novels include A Face Without a Heart, which is a modern-day retelling of Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray, and was nominated as best novel of 2000 by the Spectrum Awards. It was also named best horror novel of the year by the Queer Horror Web site. His books Penance and Obsessed, which were published in Dell’s Abyss line, together sold more than 80,000 copies. All three of the above works will be re-released in new trade paperback editions in 2006. Rick recently sold his vampire novel, In the Blood to Double Dragon Publishing as an eBook and to Regal Crest Enterprises in its print edition. In the Blood will be out in September of 2006 in its eBook format (trade paperback edition publication date still to be determined). In the Blood is the story of three very urbane, art-collecting vampires whose love for visual art nearly matches their lust for blood and immortality. In 2007, look for Rick’s serial killer/horror novel, I.M. to be published by Regal Crest in its Quest line. The book is about a serial killer who uses gay internet hookup sites to find his victims.

Titles Available from Rick R. Reed

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