Raspal Chima

Raspal Chima was born in West Bromwich, England and graduated from Coventry University with a degree in physics. His first job was as a lab technician for a research company and then as a member of the teaching staff at Warwick University. At age 23, he moved to London where he initially took up a career in sales and marketing. However his career changed direction following early success with fiction and non-fiction stories and articles published in magazines and on radio. He subsequently became a journalist and then progressed to editor.

Raspal has been writing for most of his adult life, mostly in his professional capacity as a writer for a number of business magazines. He only became serious about becoming a fiction author after finding it was no longer enough to vent his creative juices through his work alone.

Raspal is at his best writing techno-thrillers in an authoritative, yet informal narrative style. His stories are told with plausible panache and a hard edge of undeniable science, yet move along with the irrevocable inertia of a fairground roller-coaster ride.

For the last several years he has concentrated on writing book-length thrillers. Methuselah’s Virus is his first published novel.

Titles Available from Raspal Chima

Tom Bell, an ageing pharmaceutical billionaire, is facing his twilight years when fate hands him a drug capable of reversing old age. Its chemistry is old, indigenous to an ancient parasite found in South America, and so prone to mutation that its synthesis produces a contagious virus capable of infecting people with extreme longevity.

The contagion becomes the start of a terrifying journey into the unknown for the tycoon, who will stop at nothing to cheat death, including sacrificing the lives of those around him. But how far would a government go to hide the knowledge from the public? Ultimately, what happens if Methuselah’s Virus threatens to spread to the entire planet?
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