Neil Ruttenberg

Neil Ruttenberg was born in San Antonio, Texas. He graduated from the University of Texas with degrees in science and film. During that time he played bass in two punk bands, managed a record store and was a radio DJ. He completed a short horror film that was nominated for a Student Academy Award. He moved to Los Angeles in the 80s where he wrote screenplays for all of the major studios and worked with Roger Corman and Stan Lee on several projects. After a 15 run as a screenwriter he taught AP Environmental Science at several high schools. Cakewalk is his first novel.

Titles Available from Neil Ruttenberg

The invasion didn't come from the skies, it came from beneath our feet; an alien ecosystem threatening to devour the earth and all its occupants. Jeri and her little sister Cake leave their mountain stronghold in search of a safe haven called 'the island'. Their journey takes them across thousands of miles of murderous creatures and madmen; a hellish landscape where everything wants to kill you. But, for Jeri the real enemy might be right at her side because her sister was born after the invasion began, and could very well be an alien herself. Their quest pits sisterhood against the will to survive at all costs.
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