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From the poverty-ridden streets of Boston’s mongrel sector, Frank Riley abandons his gang to set out on a hobo’s hunger-driven journey to the Mexican border, where available employment has been rumored in the lofty citrus-picking industry. Instead, he meets up with the looniest batch of bleeding hearts to ever live below the only remaining tax-bracket, outside the legitimate economy, and still own their own submarine.
By the end of the twenty-first century, the Middle Class are extinct, Medicare and Social Security are things of the past, Single-Party-Politics rule the United States with an iron fist, and the only thing standing between total Upper-Crust domination and the remaining 85% of huddled, starving, and sometimes cannibalistic masses is a ragtag network of bogus churches, and a handful of their slightly off kilter operatives.
Follow Agents Pollyanna, Big Daddy, Momma Bear, Codger, and Jackass in this Political Satire/Action Adventure/Romantic Comedy as they endeavor to turn the tables on America’s ‘Trickle Down’ destiny, and the manmade virus that threatens to sterilize an entire impoverished population.

After failing to reacquire the previous template, Kwibee reroutes Sarah’s signal to the closest available computer-generated character. Again, she enters the world of Nirayel. Though relieved, she cannot help but be at odds with her new host’s promiscuous personality.
Having escaped his mundane life, Borin resolves to follow the Warrior’s path. Despite the unlikelihood of his quest’s being successful, his heart grows light. After all the years since the Empire’s rise, he is finally able to smile in the face of adversity.

To an extent, Jesse comes to terms with his delusions, though he remains unprepared to handle the advances of a most frustrating female Wood-Elf, the discovery that there are two of Sarah, and the prophetic ramblings of a benign Demon.

Finally reunited in the forth and final book of the Rendering Nirayel series, Sarah One, Sarah Two, Jesse and Borin are guided by the Demon Surripere, as they journey through uncharted lands in a final quest to reclaim Arbitos against all odds, and to free the lost souls of Earth.

When an advanced form of artificial intelligence is unintentionally loosed upon the Internet role-playing game entitled Wayward Fates, a quarter-million gamers become redefined as the fantasy characters they play. Among their number is Borin Krue, whose harrowing journey through a world of dangerously realistic fantasy begins at the end of a long voyage, and his unenthusiastic acquaintance with a Druid.

While returning to Arbitos, Borin Krue is unavoidably faced with the assigned Dryadic services of Squire Jesterwolf Thistle. Their obligatory and somewhat precarious association continues to land Borin in an almost constant string of ill-fated circumstances. These include an incarceration over the Squire’s recent theft of apples, a seduction by Jester’s adopted sister, and a most unfortunate introduction to her seven-foot tall Barbarian husband. Borin’s only real problem is that none of this is actually happening.

Intrigue and humor set the pace in Book One of the Rendering Nirayel series. Corporal Krue becomes unwittingly entangled with a large number of friendly and non-friendly types of Faction, Class, Race, and Magic.

Sarah Hoffman meets Doctor Kwibee, who has been disavowed by his military employers following the accident that led not only to Sarah’s husband’s and brother’s having entered a catatonic state, but also to the similar entrapment of a quarter-million other players, who will remain trapped until the IBOT program is allowed to complete whatever mysterious internal objectives it has set for itself. Sarah volunteers to make an unauthorized entry into the now militarily controlled project.

Sarah opens her eyes to find herself in the alien world of Nirayel. While occupying the body of the computer-generated Paladin, Selina Valorous, Sarah embarks on a desperate struggle to save her husband’s life and maintain her unstable Internet connection. Arbitos is attacked by the Dark Empire. A horde of Dark-elves burst through an exploded section of wall surrounding the city.

The pace quickens, the plot thickens, and Borin Krue’s problems have only just begun as Book Two of the Rendering Nirayel series continues to expand the horizons of a world seemingly more real than the one he can’t remember.

Sarah returns to reality just as several government agents close in on her home. Meanwhile, the paradox formed by her genetic similarity to her brother, Jesse, now forces a duplication of Sarah’s identity to become overlaid upon the previously occupied Selina template. The result is a seventeen-year-long gap in memory as a pseudo-Sarah wakes to discover a world where Dark-elves dominate civilization.

Jesse Berrach was formerly a paramedic. The ghastly accident that put him in the hospital also caused the end of his career, and coincided with the end of his marriage. During his recovery, he receives a package containing the online game entitled Wayward Fates, but when he initiates the program, he becomes catatonic. He enters a world far removed from that of his hospital room. Confronted with severe conflicts in terms of reality, he begins to doubt his sanity.

While the very boundaries of reality become distorted, the star-crossed web of lives and crisscrossed intrigue continue to expand, in Book Three of the Rendering Nirayel series: a four-part novel.

Once a penniless vagabond, the now wealthy and middle-aged widower, Frank Riley, is thrust into the precarious role of a single parent, and just as the spirited daughters of his late wife become caught up in the same old intrigue for which he has long since retired, so too will agent Jackass brave any threat to keep his little girls safe.

The Riley sisters, Polly and Anna, are determined to save their kidnapped father. But first they must join with the last remaining Dogs of Warren, escape the warheads sent by the same mysterious invaders who now have their papa, and then discover the location of their attacker’s lair. Of course, to accomplish everything, they’ll probably have to stay up past their bedtime.

Follow agents Diabla Thane, Rhinestone, Haeggehs Peuteir, Thethpian withpuh, Little Imp, and One-Eight-Five as they fight for survival while preserving a new America in this sequel to The Dogs Of Holly Warren.
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