Nancy Eddy

Born in East Texas, Nancy Eddy has been happily married for the last 23 and a half years to the same man and has two children, Steven, 18, and Stacy, who is 23. They and their dog and cat have returned to her E. Texas roots to live in that rural area.

She has been writing for herself and friends since she was in high school in Grapevine, Texas, using various genres, but always with romance as the basis for the story. "I'm a romantic at heart," she says. "Always looking for the happy ending."

After spending the past sixteen years in the restaurant business, she's now trying to locate her niche in the computer industry as she continues to write as well.

Titles Available from Nancy Eddy

Blairview: Listen to Your Heart, is a romance/mystery, the main part of which is set in a remote town on the coast of Maine, and involves the rocky romance of Morgan Blair, heir to his family's estate in Maine and fashion model Jessica Thorne. The story follows the couple through almost ten years of their lives, their two meetings, their marriage and divorce. It then follows each separately yet still joined by the common bond of Morgan's brother, Patrick, a charming ne'er do well with whom Morgan doesn't get along.
Lady Rebecca seems to have a perfect life. A doting father, a man who loves her. But all that changes when a dark stranger enters her life and people begin to die, horribly. When fingers point toward her as being responsible, and thinking her love lost forever, Lady Rebecca finds herself forced to make a choice- wed a man she despises or be destroyed by the villagers, who distrust her because she has "The Power".

Lady Rebecca's choice leads to a centuries long search for Damien, the ark Sorcerer to gain vengeance for what he did to her and those she loved.

WARNING: Contains explicit adult situations.
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