Mary James

Mary James is a freelance writer, Author, Poet, and Co-editor of a newsletter. Her First Novel When Freedom Turned Green was published by Outskirts press in 2013. She has had several articles written about her in the Paradise Post, including “Local author spotlights ridge” and “Snapshots: Thinking about Survival.” Mary has also done speaking events for the local historical society, and the Magalia Beautification Association, about her book When Freedom Turned Green, and shared about survival and wild edible plants discussed in the book.

Mary James enjoys many types of writing including song writing and poetry. Her poem Voices of the Water was published in 2004 in a poetry anthology. Unlike Mary’s first novel which was a survival story, her newest project UnFettering Orion is the product of Mary’s love of archeology and science fiction. She enjoys history as a hobby and was intrigued by the many historical references to an ancient race of giants, which spawned her idea for writing the novel UnFettering Orion.

Spending her days writing in the rugged mountains of Northern California where she lives with her husband and five children, Mary James finds plenty of inspiration. She also enjoys being an amateur archeologist herself, and has even displayed her finds in the local museum. Mary James is also the Co-editor, of Mountain Memories which is the local historical society’s newsletter.

Titles Available from Mary James

Ellie Savelle is a well-respected archeologist working at the job of her dreams at an ancient Sumerian site in Ah Samawah Iraq. While on a break from the field she returns to her home in Minnesota to spend some time with Sean the love of her life, who is also an archeologist working to track down illegal sales of artifacts out of Lebanon. A sudden twist of fate occurs when Sean’s flight back to the US goes down in the Atlantic. Ellie finds herself alone and heartbroken by the sudden tragedy, and also perplexed by a small package sent from Sean just before he had boarded the plane.
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