Liv Byron

Liv Byron is an award-winning journalist recognized for her investigative reporting for local news organizations in Connecticut. She also writes fiction with a particular interest in stories based on cutting edge science believing that stories that might be true are the best.

Her work in news media started late in life, a third career that happened to coincide with a third marriage. Liv’s geographical life has been divided in thirds as well. Growing up in Massachusetts, raising a family in Maine and now as a professional writer in Connecticut.

After recovering from a life-threatening illness a few years ago, she put a renewed focus on the novels she’d worked on sporadically over the past ten years.

A love of nature, science and an appreciation for the mysteries of the universe drive her storytelling and the characters who take control of her writing.

Liv lives in an old log cabin on a lake in Connecticut and occasionally retreats to an even older, more remote cabin on a lake in Maine. She pretends to garden and kayaks whenever possible.

Titles Available from Liv Byron

Would you like to live for 300 years? The benevolent global government of LIV can help. With the miracle of Extender Technology, you can be a fit, healthy, sexy specimen for centuries.

All that's required is a bit of genetic engineering, a daily dose of True Age Bromide and complete loyalty to a new world order.

In this new society, concepts such as marriage, work and the meaning of life have been retooled for the billions of people fighting for their place on the planet. The search for fulfillment in an era when life goes on and on −even as resources dwindle −can be daunting.

While most people decide to become Extenders and embrace the chance to live for centuries, there is a growing resistance. A faction known as Choosers keeps to the old ways and rejects unnatural longevity of the government’s Life Intensive Venture. A rebellion brews and soon explodes into a war that asks you to decide what matters most - living long or living well?

There is no easy answer.
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