Laura J. Campbell

Laura Campbell lives, works, and writes in Houston, Texas. She has an eclectic background in science, law, and business. Mrs. Campbell has sold over two dozen short stories, ranging from children’s fiction to erotica, and from vampires to star ships facing the limitations of less than light speed travel. In 2007 she won the Baker Award for short story. Her bibliography also includes medical scientific publications and legal scholarly literature, in addition to numerous fictional stories in the science fiction and horror genres. She is supported in her writing by her husband, Patrick, and their children, Alexander and Samantha.

Titles Available from Laura J. Campbell

Gifted with an unusual talent, a young woman finds herself the centerpiece of a vampire hunting squad. Thorismund “Thor” Marimon at first finds her work relatively normal. In time, it becomes evident that vampires are gathering – and the pressure is on to rid the modern world of a nest of monsters. But as Thor and her vampire hinting colleagues on Blue Team One begin their push against the undead menace, Thor begins to realize that she might not be as respected a member of the team as she originally thought. Caught in between the world of living and the world of the undead, she begins to questions her role and her own unique nature. As she struggles with her inner demons, the vampires plot to use her as an effective weapon against her own team – and the world of the living. With time against her, Thor has to find her way between two worlds, neither of which is truly hers.
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