L.H. Davis

Laurance gradated form the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering. He holds several US patents related to various aspects of robotics. After graduation, his passion became building and driving sports cars with the Sports Car Club of America. Laurance captured several regional titles in the 90's and a National title in 2001. He currently resides in central Florida and is a member of the Florida Writers Association. He has been recognized twice at FWA's Royal Palm Literary Awards. In 2011, his sci-fi novella, The Emporium, took first place in the unpublished category. It has sense been published in the anthology, Swallowed by the Beast. In 2013, Laurance's sci-fi novel, Outpost Earth, took first place in the unpublished category.

The Writers of the Future Contest has recognized Laurance's work multiple times with Honorable Mentions and once as a Semifinalist. Laurance's short stories won three competitions in 2014 and were published in Aspiring Writers 2014 Winners Anthology. In July of 2015, his short story, That Last Summer, was published on-line in Red Truck Review's third literary journal. Laurance's short story, Shoot Him Daddy, was published in the spring of 2016 in Meta Saga's anthology, Futuristica Vol. 1.

Titles Available from L.H. Davis

Outpost Earth proposes an alternate reality where man descends from an alien culture shipwrecked on Earth after greed, lust, and love sabotage their mission.

Close friends since birth, Dana and Rucker have grown up aboard the Pangaean space transport Hyperion. While Rucker is sexually attracted to Dana, she refuses to become another of his one-night stands. Rucker's sexual frustration is further aggravated by Gay, an exotic beauty he encounters while marooned on ancient Earth. Rucker truly loves both women but knows he must make choice, if he can keep them both alive.
As Planet Nine nears the sun, NASA is forced to reveal its covert space shuttle Nighthawk. While man can do nothing to help the intelligent life trapped on the doomed planet, we can retrieve a data capsule they place in orbit around our moon. Aaron and Holly, ex-Shuttle pilots and estranged lovers, are eager to get back into space.

Bill Mackenzie, an investigative reporter and television host, refuses to sit ideally by and let the biggest news story in history, alien contact, slip through his fingers. Bill vows to scoop the story by reporting it "live," even if he has to spiral into the sun with the aliens.

Planet Nine's surface is covered with ice, which begins to melt as the planet nears the sun. Soon her ancient cities are once again exposed to the light of day. Only then do both species, human and alien, learn of the horrors committed by the ancient Avesians in the final days of their dystopian world.
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