Kevin Hile

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Kevin Hile is a freelance writer and editor now living in mid-Michigan. After graduating from Adrian College, he married his college sweetheart, Janet, and they have been happily married for what Kevin likes to call "the equivalent of about eight-and-a-half typical Hollywood marriages." Kevin has been a fan of fantasy and science fiction most of his life, with his childhood favorites being the "Chronicles of Narnia" tales by C. S. Lewis; later favorites include Piers Anthony’s "Xanth" books, The Dragon and the George by Gordon R. Dickson, and the "Chronicles of Amber" stories by Roger Zelazny. He’s also an animal lover, which explains why his other beloved books from childhood include Richard Adams’s Watership Down and Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book.

After working in the literature division of reference publishing house Gale Group for ten years and reading the stories of many other successful authors, he finally worked up the courage to write his own fantasy novel, The Steel of Enadia. The book was accepted by a small publishing house in Colorado, but when his publisher cut back its budget because of financial problems, his novel was left by the wayside. A tip from a friend led him to Double-Dragon Publishing. Entering the Draco competition, he was ecstatic when he found out that Piers Anthony had judged his fantasy the best!

With Steel finally published, Kevin is now thinking of what to write next. Planned projects include short stories, a YA science fiction novel, and a sequel to Steel. If you?d like to read what happens next to Jann, Brodi, and Dania, email Kevin at and let him know! You can also learn more about Kevin by visiting

Titles Available from Kevin Hile

Young Jann was one of the most talented adepts the Academy had ever seen, and, as his Master Speritus believed, someday his magical abilities would take him far. If only it weren?t for one obstacle: Jann was not of royal birth, and as a Plebeian the Quirinabi hierarchy would never permit him to obtain a high office at the palace. Had they forgotten that Jann was also a former gutter brat who had once been a promising thief on Market Street? He knew how to break the rules to get what he wanted.
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