Kevin Callis

Kevin Callis was born in the middle of nowhere (South Hill, Virginia), and raised thirteen miles on the other side of nowhere (Meredithville, Virginia). Always withdrawn, he grew up mostly alone, though he was one of five children. He preferred the company of insects, spiders, and reptiles to other people, and inadvertently found out that the creatures most people fear are generally harmless, and the most harmful creatures alive are people themselves.

Kevin’s imagination is a tornado, spinning mercilessly and unceasingly, creating more stories and songs and worlds than he could ever hope to bring to fruition even if he lived three lifetimes. As such, he struggles with himself constantly, starting many projects but finishing few. Being obsessive-compulsive over so many things all at once often takes a heavy toll, and many days find him completely burned out before he can get the first word typed. He hopes to one day clear the traffic jam that is his mind, that he may finally share a large part of his soul with the rest of the world.

A mind that functions in such a manner as his is apt to produce many surreal dreams, and Kevin accordingly goes to sleep every night not knowing what chaotic adventure awaits him. His first completed novel, The Serpent in the Snow, is in fact largely based on various nightmares he has had throughout his life. He has recently made a point to jot down details of his more expressive dreams, that they may one day become magnificent stories as well.

Kevin presently lives and works in the city of Newport News, Virginia, though he longs for living once more where there are actually more trees than people.

Titles Available from Kevin Callis

?Do not fear me. Fear what lives within me.?

In 1839, Kevin Eston makes a pact with an evil spirit in order to save his life. He is also granted conditional immortality- any person who takes his life will in turn be slain by the bloodthirsty demon that he harbors. For nearly two centuries after pledging his soul, he has wandered the land, avoiding human contact as much as possible, for fear of the consequences of interaction. In late 2001 he returns to Sagawaukee, a small Minnesota town that stands where an Indian nation of the same name once existed. A century ago he found amidst the Sagawaukee people the greatest peace he had ever known, but now, in modern times, only ongoing strife awaits him. Before Kevin even enters the town proper, he is involved in an altercation which leads to murder, and from that point onwards, bloodshed begets more bloodshed?

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