Kenneth Steven

Kenneth Steven is a poet, novelist, children's author and translator. Over the years some 35 of his books have been published; his children's titles have appeared in 16 languages and won a number of prizes. Kenneth has also made many programmes for BBC Radio. He leads writing retreats both in his native Scotland and abroad. When not working on creative projects he and his girlfriend Kristina travel, particularly on the beautiful west coast of Scotland where they are privileged to have their home.

Kenneth has taught creative writing for many years and has written widely on the sculpting and the publishing of poetry in particular. A great number of his short stories, essays and children's books are also to be found in electronic form.

Titles Available from Kenneth Steven

This is the story of what happens in the wake of the fall of an asteroid on the south-west of England. It is about the thin veil that separates our western life from anarchy, about the way that people cope with collapse and the need for self-preservation. And this is a story too about governments - about what we are told and know and, more importantly, about what must be kept from us, what we must never find out.
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