Kayla Van Egdom

Kayla Van Egdom spent her elementary school years socially awkward and introverted, making her one of the prime targets for playground bullies. She sought solace in both the stories written by other authors and in the stories she wrote herself.

Her adoration for literature inspired her to pursue an English degree at Simon Fraser University. After graduating with her Bachelor of Arts, she discovered her job opportunities weren’t quite as plentiful as she had hoped. However, her post-secondary education sharpened her craft and introduced her to more fantastic writing, so she had no regrets.

She continued to write steadily through her adulthood, dabbling in multiple genres including horror, science-fiction, young adult, poetry, and even a self-help book on how to stop choosing distasteful romantic partners. After receiving her degree, Kayla turned to a different career path. She realized she could use her love of health and fitness to help others. She now works as a Fitness Coach at a private studio. In between training others and writing, she makes time for her own fitness passions: distance running and interval training.

Her first novel, The Pleasure Seekers, is a dark dystopian tale highlighting some of her greatest concerns about the future of society, including the objectification of women and the growing popularity of chemical substances.

Titles Available from Kayla Van Egdom

In the year 2042, men and women everywhere want to join The Pleasure Seekers. On an elite island known as the Pleasure Dome, themed sexual playgrounds and excessive alcohol and stimulant consumption reign supreme. The island consists of erotic playgrounds where the trysts of the island’s inhabitants are filmed. Paid subscribers outside the island can watch these encounters live. Women compete with other women, each one trying to seduce the greatest number of men. The men climb their own social ladders, and must ensure they keep the women oblivious to the darker realities inside the exclusively male Administration Centre.

Sterling, an ambitious Population Controller, finds his goals of social ascendance derailed after becoming infatuated with a new arrival: a journalist named Madison.

Driven by vengeance and the search for a missing friend, Madison begins to uncover the sinister truths about how women are dealt with at the Administration Centre. Meanwhile, Sterling becomes torn between his feelings for Madison and maintaining the integrity of the social structure to which he has dedicated himself.
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