Kate Saundby

Kate Saundby lives in rural northwest Tennessee with her husband Herman. Her black and tan Coon lab dog, Jessie Mae, joined her ancestors two years ago and she's still greatly missed.

Kate also has two grown sons. The younger, Nicholas, is the talented creator of her covers and the father of three little girls and a little boy. (Don't ever let Kate get started on the subject of her granddaughters, however, because she'll never shut up.)

Kate's first and second trilogies in the Nublis Chronicles saga?The Wages of Justice, The Wages of Sin, The Wages of Greed, and Golden Silence, Dark Angel and The Artemesian Mandate?will be coming soon from Double Dragon. They will be followed by The Orion Property and Fortune's Hostage. The final titles in the Nublis saga?The Spirit Dogs of Sirius and its sequels, Aase's Daughter and The Wages of Deception?were originally released in June 2000 by Starlight Writer Publications and will be re-released soon by Double Dragon.

The forthcoming editions of the Nublis Chronicles have been extensively revised and contain additional material suggested by Piers Anthony and Steve Lazarowitz and new cover art by Nicholas Krueger and Tony de Luz.

A Circle of Arcs, Kate's standalone historical time travel, was first released in November 2000 and has been referred to by one SF reviewer as "A grand conceit for the paranormal romance fan." The sequel, A Distant Bell is now available in eBook with the paperback becoming available in July 2003.

Kate's romantic poem, "The Other Woman," was also voted #1 in the Preditors and Editors 1998 Poll.

The covers of Kate's Nublis Chronicles titles, The Wages of Justice and Aase's Daughter, and her novels Golden Silence and The Spirit Dogs of Sirius were all finalists in the 2000 Dream Realm Awards, and The Artemesian Mandate was recently granted the Environmental Life Award. The Wages of Justice was a Frankfurt Awards Nominee in 2000, A Circle of Arcs and The Wages of Greed were finalists in the 2001 Eppie Awards. At the end of November 2001, The Wages of Justice was also named the Dream Realm Award winner in the Science Fiction category.

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Titles Available from Kate Saundby

DREAM REALM AWARD WINNER 2001 Edited by a master writer; Piers Anthony! No one sane wants either of the two most powerful positions on the planet Nublis. Emperor and archon, supreme judge, are slaves to 3,000 years of tradition. The emperor can abdicate. Only death can free the archon. But the planet of Nublis is rich and the ripe plum desired by a pirate who would be king. Can those who have pledged their lives to serve their world save their world? This incredible collection of books is composed of three trilogies: Nublian Chronicles I - The Julian Trilogy The Wages of Justice The Wages of Sin The Wages of Greed Nublian Chronicles II - The Felix Trilogy
Book two from Nublian Chronicles I - The Julian Trilogy Who shall sit in judgment of the judges, should they become corrupt? Unholy alliance and weapon without defense, who shall free the worlds from the conscienceless? Who shall choose the one who cannot be corrupted to free all the fearful voiceless suffering injustice? Where lies the duty of an emperor? Only to his people? Or to all?
Book three from Nublian Chronicles I - The Julian Trilogy Concubine's son, illegal witch child, consummate trader for a world in bondage. On Nublis he proved his worth. But the prophecy was only that one would be born who might have the strength to endure and end the bondage of a world.

Shattered words, trust abused, maimed and slowly dying, who will hear the soliloquy of the silenced? Nublian Chronicles II - The Felix Trilogy Golden Silence Dark Angel The Artemesian Mandate
Sanctuary of peace in the grasp of demon spawn, love is forbidden to the one leashed between the realms. What price will he pay for tasting the forbidden? Part Two of Nublian Chronicles II - The Felix Trilogy
Vice of men consuming greed, the defense awakens near too late. Hell hound and full moon, what price a demon to defend the light? Book VI in the Chronicles of Nublis Part Three: Nublian Chronicles II - The Felix Trilogy
Beyond priceless is friendship to the one whose price has been established, to the one too useful to be allowed the title person.

The 8th title of my Nublis sf/fantasy series and my first romance, Fortune's Hostage is a bittersweet story featuring a strongminded heroine with no looks whatsover. Princess Sybilla of Lodebar is forcibly married to her mortal enemy, Prince Darius of Illyria, and falls deeply in love with him. When she discovers that her reluctant bridegroom is carrying a torch for another woman who is as beautiful as she is not. Sybilla decides that all is fair in love and war and sets out to win him for herself.

The much-acclaimed A Circle of Arcs, which is a unique blend of time travel, actual historical figures and speculative fiction. The sequel to A Circle of Arcs, A Distant Bell is in the works and is anxiously awaited by her readers. Joan of Arc and an alien sorcerer, time travel and a centuries-old mystery, Gilles de Rais on a modern city street, why?
The Spirit Dogs of Sirius is the ninth title in Kate Saundby's acclaimed Nublis series and a Dream Realm Awards Finalist. Following the biggest heist of his career, interplanetary jewel thief Alar Zarkadon rescues the only daughter of the wealthiest man in the Interplanetary Synod and becomes a media hero. Since he's anyone but who he seems, the last thing Alar needs is public attention, and even his magical spirit dog, Min-Ha, can't help him get out of this one.
Aase’s Daughter is the tenth title in Kate Saundby’s acclaimed Nublis series and a Dream Realm Awards Finalist in the Cover Art category. When Jesse de Raven’s flyer strays off course and crashes on her isolated mountaintop, goatherd/mountaineer Linnea Aasedaater violates the most sacred precept of her mysterious Ursi tribe by rescuing an outsider. Her subsequent banishment sets a series of events in motion which will change the history of Jesse’s people and hers forever.
Book 3 of the Felix Trilogy. Wages of Deception takes place in the future, during a time when a new emperor is about to be crowned and take a new bride. He decides to take one last "fling" and switches places with his rogue half brother; resulting in surprises for both and the new bride to be!
The long awaited sequel to A Circle of Arcs; this fast-moving historical time travel has been likened to riding a kayak through the rapids.

If you were blind and could only see in your dreams, would you ever want to wake up?
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