K.C. Shaw

K.C. Shaw learned how to spin and weave over a decade ago. Until you’ve tried to make your own clothes from a sheep’s fleece or a field of flax plants, you’ll never know how vital spinning and weaving are to a pre-industrial society. The more Shaw worked on her spinning, the more interested she became in writing about it in a fantasy setting. She added an untrustworthy god of weaving and Weaver’s Shroud was begun.

Shaw’s fiction has appeared in numerous anthologies and magazines. She is also a member of the Tennessee Valley Handspinners Guild. Visit her website at http://kcshaw.net.

Titles Available from K.C. Shaw

Apprentice weaver Liza doesn’t think things can get much worse after her mentor dies. When she finds work as a spinster, she thinks it’s a step up--something to tide her over until she can find another weaving apprenticeship.

But soon Liza finds herself tangled in a god’s quest to regain his stolen powers, a set of warring brothers, and a ghost that seems to want her dead. And as if all that weren’t bad enough, she might lose her new job too.
May Armstrong used to be a renowned animal tamer, until her mind-control abilities disappeared along with her ghostly mentor. She’s been retired for two years—but a pushy king won’t let her refuse his job offer. He wants her to tame a dragon for him. She knows she can’t do it.
Evil Outfitters, Ltd. has specialized in the equipage of dark lords, assassins, necromantic wizards and priests, and rich madmen for hundreds of years--and it’s still run by its original founder, Tavrax the Lich. When the baron Drackley signs on as a new client, he ruffles the firm’s calm by showing every sign of truly being able to overthrow the king. Even Tavrax takes an interest. Madeline Muir and James North, who comprise the tailoring department, are much less happy to discover that Drackley wants their undivided attention--and their loyalty. Turning traitor isn’t typically a prerequisite for working as a tailor.
When Jack Bywater moves to the small town of Tolchester, he doesn’t expect to stay long. A curse is following him, and he doesn’t want to know what will happen if it catches up.
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