Joseph Occhipinti

Joe Occhipinti lives in Salem, Massachusetts, raising his teen-age son, writing novels, short stories, and blogs, and teaching in the Boston Area. His educational career began as a software instructor in the corporate world, and he later moved to academia as adjunct faculty in earth science and geography and in a wellness and healing program at local community college. He has also worked as a community and mental health counselor, and has managed a small business.

As the spouse of an anthropologist, Joe has traveled extensively. He wrote his first novel while living among traditional people of the Andes Mountains and the Argentine Chaco. He was born in Italy and went to graduate school in Montreal. As an avid nature lover and holistic health enthusiast, Joe partakes of many outdoor activities, which he sometimes shares in his blog, Wonders of Nature. He is a student of mind-body health practices and an Aikido practitioner, inspiring his other blog, Awarescape. Aside from writing and teaching, you may find him behind a brush, a potter's wheel, the bench in his woodshop, or occupied in some other interesting manual endeavor.

Joe is an avid science fiction lover and is currently working on a trilogy called “Children of the Three Suns.” The first book, “Strangers in the Gale,” was a 2013 semi-finalist in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Contest. He has published short stories in Bluestem Magazine, The Forge Journal, Gryphonwood, The Helix, Perihelion Science Fiction, and the anthology, Twisted Tails VII: Irreverent.

Titles Available from Joseph Occhipinti

Alone in the ashen plains, a girl searches for the enigmatic nomads of Od-Siing, but the atmosphere proves too harsh for the young seafarer. Krynna is unconscious and dying when found by the twins, Durai and Quan. Durai falls in love with the girl from a distant ocean world but believes she is a star spirit and shies away. While recovering, the young emissary is shown writings that could help free the nomads from a brutal occupation. A surprise raid separates Durai from Krynna and his sister who then flee to distant asteroid station, where a young prospector has seen the same ancient script. A holy man named Aicobo, a pilgrim from the ocean world, takes the heartbroken Durai to find his two loves. They join Krynna in her pursuit of a truth so powerful it could not only transform the struggle against the totalitarian League, but alter the very meaning of existence for the disparate people of the three suns.
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