Joel Gates

Joel Gates has been writing for two decades. His first novel, Return To Glory, was his first entry in the realm of fantasy. Since then he has written and published short stories as well as taken part in writing Judgment Day, a mosaic novel developed by a team of talented authors writing under the name of J.J. Ace.

In 2007, Joel Gates co-founded Green Gates Entertainment (GGE), a company dedicated to writing speculative fiction titles in the genres of fantasy, horror, science fiction and cross genre titles involving aspects of all three. The Pendragon Chronicles represents GGE’s vision of the Arthurian legends written for the modern fantasy reader. With the characters that fans of the genre have come to know and love, with a nod to the modern historical vision of Arthur and his warriors, but with the fantasy elements firmly alive as the legend originally intended. GGE has brought these fantasy elements in line with those familiar to the modern fantasy fan.

Joel is an avid runner, a devoted husband and a proud father of three children. When he is not writing or running, he is reading. A native of Tennessee and a self-professed football fanatic who was raised on the border of Tennessee and Georgia in the picturesque town of Chattanooga, Joel’s other passion is cheering for the Tennessee Titans and the Atlanta Falcons.

Joel currently lives and writes on the coast of North Carolina.

Titles Available from Joel Gates

Britannia is shattered by war. Rome has withdrawn, leaving the island kingdom in ruins. Eleven Rebel Kings have elected King Lot as High King in direct opposition to The Council of Kings. The Council has elected Arthur, the son of Uther Pendragon- the former High King- as their Dux Bellorum, or War Duke. Arthur has assembled a force of the land’s mightiest heroes into The Pendragon Legion and has taken the field against the rebel kings. Meanwhile, King Lot, his own forces comprised of Uther’s greatest generals, has allied himself with the darkest of magic in his bid to defeat The Pendragon Legion and become Britannia’s High King. The ensuing war pits fathers against sons and brothers against brothers as the battle between good and evil threatens to engulf all of the land.
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