Jo Webnar

I originally sailed on Lake Michigan, where I met the inspiration for my hero. John is a cross between a Tasmanian devil and a handsome pirate. Once I convinced him to marry me, our life became an adventure. Five years ago, we decided to leave our stressful careers and live a simpler life.

We sold everything we owned and moved aboard the Jolly Mon, a 36 foot trawler. Along with our two goofy Portuguese Water Dogs, we traveled through the rivers and intercostals from Lake Michigan to Florida. The boat shrinks every year, but we still enjoy the cruising life. It’s been a rich opportunity for meeting characters and stunning settings for my romance novels.

My articles have been published in Living Aboard, Southwinds, Soundings, Latitudes & Attitudes, and Senior Wire Service. I write a monthly newsletter and a humorous column for Regatta Pointe Marina, and I?m working on my second novel, a romantic suspense, called Saving Tampa. My 25 years of boating experience on Lake Michigan and my current life aboard a trawler in Florida qualifies me to tell this story to the boating community. The US Coast Guard estimates the number of boaters at 70,000,000.

Titles Available from Jo Webnar

Have you ever wanted to walk away from your life and start fresh? A widow changes her lifestyle by living aboard and learning to sail a boat on Lake Michigan. While she builds self-reliance and confidence, an irresistible sailor falls in love with her, and together they learn to trust each other.
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