Jim M. Gatlin

James M. Gatlin was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, but has lived most of his life in the city. He has a BA in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing from Columbia College. He has been published twice, two short Ltfic stories in the eMagazine, Dreamforge, now defunct. He works as a Social Service Worker in the Uptown neighborhood of the city where he also lives.

Titles Available from Jim M. Gatlin

Jack and Carl meet every Sunday to ghost hunt for Crucifixion Mary, the local ghost on the Southwest side of Chicago. Every Sunday they to record EVP’s but never get one, they take pictures with their digital cameras but only end up with photographs of headstones and mausoleums. By tradition, they go to the bar across the street from Crucifixion Cemetery, Mary’s stomping ground, and examine the findings over a couple of beers.

Then on one Sunday, Carl plays his tape recorder to hear a young woman pleading “help me” aside from the usual car horns and airplanes flying overhead they usually hear from the hunt. What follows consists of the men going from the hunters to the hunted as Mary zero’s in on the two middle-aged men, their family and friends.

Smoke and Mirrors takes the reader through Crucifixion Mary’s murder spree, both in the present and the past, as she kills indiscriminately throughout the decades after her untimely death. Jack and Carl realize they must send her to the other side or end up in Crucifixion Cemetery themselves.
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