Jennifer Schwabach

Jennifer Schwabach is the author of over three-dozen stories and poems, as well as two novels, both with Double Dragon Publishing. Her first novel, Dark Winter, is science fantasy and is available through DDP. Curse’s Captive is her second novel and her first romance. She lives in Upstate New York.

Titles Available from Jennifer Schwabach

When humans first came to Saril, they had only one goal -- to create a new  paradise to rival their lost homeland. But as the centuries passed, they  realized there was something else on their new world. Some thing strange and  wonderful. Their decedents wielded powers the original settlers had never  dreamed of. They could raise cities with their minds... heal with a touch...
Walter and John had been friends in school, spending summers together at John’s family estate in the country. But as they grew older, they went their separate ways. Walter barely remembers John’s sisters as more than ‘a trio of dark-haired girls’. But when John frantically calls Walter and asks for his help dealing with an honest-to-God family curse, Walter meets Anne again, and sees something he didn’t before. But before he can woo her, he has to save her from a force more ancient and evil than any of them can imagine.

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