Jeffrey Redmond

Jeff Redmond was born in Detroit, and grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He attended colleges at Davenport University, Michigan State University, U.C.L.A., and Lund Universitet in Sweden, among others. He has bachelors degrees in History (with minors in Psychology and Education), Business Administration, and International Business, and a Masters Degree in History. He has worked in factories, school classrooms, river boats, corporate buildings, airports, publication places, college academic centers, governmental bureaucracies, retail stores, hospitals, and home offices. His military service includes time spent in both the Army and Navy reserves.

Jeff has also been a columnist and news reporter for various newspapers, and a freelance writer for magazines. He has also written several books of both fiction and non-fiction. He is a member of the Authors Guild, the Mystery Writers of America, the National Fantasy Fan Federation, the National Writers Association, the National Writers Union, the Romance Writers of America, the Science Fiction Writers of America, and the Writers Guild. He has been listed in the Who’s Who in America for several years.

He is a world traveler, and has had many interactions with people from all kinds of places and backgrounds. These have included most continental U.S. states and Hawaii, India, Australia, North Africa, Scandinavia and Western Europe, Panama, Canada, and Mexico. Jeff speaks several languages and enjoys researching and writing about his numerous trips and experiences. His chief love is to help others to improve their lives, and to offer them all the encouragement he can.

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Titles Available from Jeffrey Redmond

This is truly an exciting fantasy tale of non-stop action, adventure, romance, sex, violence, mystery, intrigue, terror, and thrilling suspense.

On a distant planet, in a distant time, a young newly-married couple copes with their differences, separations, loneliness, depression, terrible dangers, and never ending fear.

They must somehow survive an endless turmoil of espionage, double agents, foreign spies, traitors, assassins, terrorists, and the constant threat of a military invasion. And, together, they must strive to make their love endure.
An exciting tale filled with action, adventure, romance, sex, violence, revenge, and survivalism. It tells the story of events occurring in ways never possible anywhere else. There’s endless magic, spirituality, sorcery, and fantasy throughout. And all taking place on the fair island of Aer-Inn, on a planet many thousands of light years away, and in another time of many eras.
This is the story of a deeply caring woman, and of a male who has to finally reveal his true self. Together they have to learn that they must cooperate, and combine forces, to overcome any and all difficulties encountered.. Their love could see them through the many dangers amassed against them, until the realization of an ultimate one that neither of them could have possibly expected.
A delightful fantasy fiction romance-adventure story, taking place thousands of light years away and a thousand years into our future.

Galactic Year: 3008

It would seem that as the Terrans finally ventured from their Planet Earth, and out into other solar systems beyond their own Region 806, they came into contact with the RAWR star system containing the planet now called Erda. In ages past, their neighboring planet with three moons suffered long periods of intercontinental warfare, plagues, famines, depopulation, pollution and even some natural disasters.

A few of the survivors were found and taken to nearby Erda by some of the first Terran Dark Energy powered hyper-space spheres to reach the solar system. The Terrans then joined with those from other overpopulated star systems in colonizing and repopulating both planets.

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