Jaz Monday

Jaz Monday is a writer of erotic fiction from deepest, darkest Florida. He divides his time among an unremarkable day job, a quite remarkable family, and the characters that inhabit the universe of his erotic yarns. His stories explore the themes of interracial sex, experiences with multiple partners, the exploration of emotional and physical boundaries, and the power of sexual obsession. He’s particularly fond of women with large posteriors and has happily adopted the designation of Butt Man. He holds an advanced degree in Education but doesn’t particularly want to use it forever.

Titles Available from Jaz Monday

Dr. Cooper Corbis is a college professor and molecular biology researcher at a large Southern university. His days, split between teaching and working in his lab, allow little time for anything or anyone else. One day bleeds into the next, and Dr. Corbis remains lonely and jaded, until the day he meets a bright young student who has recently transferred to school. She's gorgeous, flirtatious, and needs him as much as he needs her. Before long, professor and student are inseparable. They embark on a torrid exploration of their wildest and deepest sexual fantasies. They push the boundaries of their bodies and their budding relationship to discover just how much they really mean to each other. They revel in their own special love.
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