Jason J Sergi

Jason J Sergi is a "Speculative Fiction" author with many interests and many future projects in the works. He lives and writes within the frigid hills and vales of New England. According to his calculations, he will need 300+ years to finish every project he plans to write and intends to reach that goal, somehow, someway, and hopes that his readers will join him for every step of the journey. Visit his webpage at: jjsergi.blogspot.com

Titles Available from Jason J Sergi

Since the creation of The Sunjack, vatters have been overlooked and mistreated, benign tools that were used only when needed and then tossed aside or destroyed. But now that The Sunjack is breathing its last, it will be up to the vatters to save it…and for those wishing to prevent such from happening, they will find that the benign tools they’d taken for granted for centuries, will make for more than formidable enemies.
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