Jason Brannon

Favorite Authors: Ray Bradbury, Richard Laymon, H.P. Lovecraft, Simon Clark, Douglas Clegg

Favorite Books: The Stand (S. King), In the Dark (R. Laymon), The October Country, The Illustrated Man, The Martian Chronicles, I Sing The Body Electric (R. Bradbury), Curfew (P. Rickman), Blood Crazy (S. Clark)

Writing Credits: My stories have appeared in over 80 publications including Twilight Showcase, Electric Wine, The Edge: Tales of Suspense, Bloody Muse, The Witching Hour, Peridot Books, Welcome to Nod, Nemeton, Horrorfind.com and Black Petals. My short story collection, Puzzles of Flesh, was published by Silver Lake Publishing in 2001. In addition my debut novel, Rusty Nails, will be published sometime in the near future by The Fiction Works. I have Also recently taken over as editor for The Haunted webzine.

Titles Available from Jason Brannon

Space Stations and Graveyards is a collaborative effort involving three of the most talented young horror writers today. Space Stations and Graveyards is a collection of 24 stories that reflect their love of science fiction and horror. And many of the stories within are actually an amalgam of the two genres.

This book is a treat for the mind and soul... a Must Read for those familiar with these talented writers... and a Gotta Try for those that are not!
Things that seem too good to be true usually are. That’s what Chris Jackson and his wife, Heather, discover when they buy a house on the shores of Lake October for a fraction of its market value. Although meant to be a year-round idyll where they can raise their two sons without the encroaching dangers of the inner city, the house becomes more prison than sanctuary when the Jacksons begin hearing stories about a presence known only as The Lady that is said to inhabit Lake October.
Herman Melville said it best when he proclaimed that every path eventually leads to the sea. For it is the sea that holds our most sacred and terrifying fears, yet it also holds a glorious mysticism over us as a race, an attraction so strong that most of us flock to beaches, river banks, creeks, and lakes at every opportunity to stare out into the vast blueness and wonder: what's out there?

Take my hand, Dear Reader, and swim with me through this journey of sixteen tales of watery terror. As we swim, if something reaches out of the darkness and gropes for your ankle, if something pulls you deeper into the depths of liquid madness, if your breath is stolen from you and you find yourself inhaling nothing but muddied water... do not fear, for it is just the ocean reclaiming what is already hers: your soul.

Here is a collection of stories for those of you who shudder at the thought of gulping down one more of Aunt Ida's "famous" cookies, who dread facing another interminable discourse from Uncle Earl about pig farm economics. If the first few notes of "Away in a Manger" cause you to grab something sharp and look around frantically for an eye to stab it in this book was written for you.
Throughout mankind's history, there has always been a fear of the dark and the strange. A terror of things which hide within shadows, and what may emerge from inside them... Perhaps another world brushes against our own, leaving a doorway open for something fantastic and malevolent to enter. Legendary creatures - have they ever existed? And if so, do they still walk the earth, in perpetual twilight, unknown and dangerous?
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