James A. Newman

Born in London and raised by a bunch of monsters Newman began writing fiction when he came out of rehab. He was addicted to pulp. There was no cure. Newman moved to Bangkok in the year 2001 and began writing fiction. He lived in ten dollar hotel rooms and survived on chemical whiskey and raw whores until he ran out of money. He taught English and kept writing the stories. Newman has published over fifty short stories all over the shop, most recently for Big Pulp Magazine. His novel Bangkok Express appeared in 2010. He rewrote the novel in 2012. The sequel Bangkok City was published by Booksmango in 2012. A collection of his short stories - CARMEN and other tales and Thailand after Dark documents his short story ventures. His interests include noir fiction, beer Leo, Charles Bukowski, and travelling around on Bangkok busses dreaming about the oncoming apocalypse. He also writes dark fantasy and all kinds of other stuff that your mother wouldn't like. He is the father of three great boys, Joey, Johnny, and Louie. He teaches English in Bangkok City because writing doesn’t pay the bills. He loves life, art, and the beauty of darkness. Visit the author at http://jamesnewmanfiction.blogspot.com/

Titles Available from James A. Newman

Virgin. Anxiety-driven. Bibliophile. Frank Palmer doesn’t have much going for him until one day he finds an old hardback left inside a Gladstone bag. The book details the gruesome black magic rituals performed by occultist doctor and butcher doctor. What if these black magic spells were to be revoked one hundred years after the Whitechapel murders? What if Frank becomes a devilishly handsome predator of women? Would the east end ever be the same again?
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