J.P. Moore

J. P. Moore writes in southern New Jersey, which is a long way from the settings of his novels and stories. He has fond memories of a childhood in the Pine Barrens, however, where endless tracks of mossy wilderness informed the spirit behind his fiction.

Whether in worlds of his own design, or slightly off-center historical settings, Moore digs for the streams of mythology and folklore that run beneath day-to-day life. Pulling them forth, Moore makes prime motivations and manifest realities of these undercurrents. He finds his characters as bystanders and transforms them into heroes and heroines as they face horrific enemies.

Perhaps no surprise, J. P. Moore is a student of speculative history. His library card unlocks a Best of the Best parade of works on King Arthur, the Knights Templar, Gnosticism and countless other mysteries from ancient and medieval history. His browser’s bookmarks lead to a mess of conspiracy theories that, in conglomeration, present a truly frightening world.

Just the right kind of world for his characters, however--Moore’s settings are on the brink. Their histories are lost, or misunderstood. Their futures are uncertain. All of the heroes are gone.

Only the unlikely heroes are left.

Titles Available from J.P. Moore

Dure is a city where dreams die, a dark and gritty mining settlement under the heel of the imperial Talarian League. The city walls draw a prison of fog on coastal cliffs around Elysa Ustanon, a prostitute who learns that she is the first of three prophesied Dreamers who will shatter the illusion of reality." Sea storms bring Rourke Artomey, a famed investigator and man of science running from his own illusions. Rourke works to end a rash of abductions that have plagued Dure but quickly finds himself staring down Elysa’s strange powers.
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