Gwendolyn A. Cuizon

"Change of Plans, Change of Hearts" is a product of love, persistence and hard work. It is a testament of determination and talent which I want to share with the world.

My parents - Dionisio and Elena and my siblings - Lyndin, Vladimir, Chadlier, Jacquelyn and Bouvier serve as my inspiration for my book.

Inn my spare time I like to surf the net, cook and bake, watch television, dance and sing at videoke.

Titles Available from Gwendolyn A. Cuizon

Gem McQuinn has broke up with her fiance Robbie, and in order to nurse her broken heart runs off to her parent’s place in Florida for some much needed R&R. But without warning appears her childhood friend Pierce Madison; once an awkward and shy boy, Pierce has blossomed into a handsome, rich and confident businessman. Gem learns that Pierce is in the middle of a dilemma himself and solicits Gem’s help to overcome it.

Both make a pact to help each other; Gem wants to win Robbie back while helping Pierce gain his goal. But as they get nearer to what they thought they desired, the realization soon hits them that it wasn’t what they truly wanted in the first place.

"Change of Plans, Change of Hearts" is a heart-warming tale of love and the struggles to overcome obstacles.
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