Grace Guntharp

Grace Guntharp is an avid explorer and researcher of all history, especially the history of the Second World War. She mainly writes historical fiction, but occasionally delves into science fiction and fantasy. Grace also enjoys reading, traveling, hiking, and filming short movies with her brothers. Her first recognition as a writer came at sixteen when she won a writing contest, and her short story was published in a local magazine. Grace is currently pursuing a degree in English at the University of Mississippi with the hopes of becoming an accomplished author of books and screenplays. When she is not brainstorming plot ideas, she likes to scour antique shops for 1940s artifacts or plan the ultimate trip to Europe.

Titles Available from Grace Guntharp

FREEZE TAG was written by Dr. Sue Clifton with the help of senior English students, Class of 2014, South Panola High School. All profits from the sale of this book, first edition, will go to the English Department of SPHS.

Anna is a seventeen-year-old girl, weighted down with the responsibility of caring for her eight-year-old sister Lilly and their dying mother. When their mother disappears, Anna must go to the dangerous part of Memphis, Tennessee to locate her homeless Grandmother Tass and bring her back to the broken down shack in Arkansas, home to the sisters all their poverty-filled lives, in order to act as Lilly’s guardian. After locating Tass, Anna makes a quick getaway in the middle of the night moving what’s left of her family to the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee where an 1890’s Victorian mansion awaits them, property willed to Anna’s mother by a reclusive aunt at her death.

But all is not as it appears as the beautiful Clayton House proves to be filled with paranormal activity. Ghost girl Dilly warns Lilly of sinister entities in the Victorian playhouse behind the mansion. Ashler Walker, hired hand and strong, handsome college man and neighbor, tries to protect Anna and Lilly from the darkness that surrounds the mansion.

Can the dark forces be eliminated in order for Clayton House to become a real home for Anna and Lilly? What mysteries must be solved from the mansion’s past? Only the “spirits” can answer.
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