G.G. Royale

G.G. Royale was born and grew up on the Central Coast of California. She began writing erotica in the English student lounge at her small California university in the 1990s. Early on, her short stories and poetry were picked up by Web sites and magazines. In 2002, she moved to New Orleans, where she found a wealth of inspiration for her erotic romance; it is a rich and vibrant town. After taking a few years to perfect her craft and earn her MFA in creative writing, she began submitting short stories again. She also began work on several novellas.

Her work appears on Web pages and in anthologies, and her first novella, The Lovely Kittengirls of Mew Orleans, will release with Loose Id in February of 2010. She still lives in New Orleans, raises urban chickens, and edits novels for other writers of erotica in addition to teaching writing. She enjoys writing science fiction, historical, paranormal, and steampunk romances. More information can be found at her site, www.ggroyale.com, and at her blog, www.ggroyale.blogspot.com.

Titles Available from G.G. Royale

Iltani longs to help her goddess mother as much as she can. After all, it is her duty as a succubus and daughter of Lilith. But she has one shortcoming: she can’t come with a man unless she gets herself off. It’s been that way for millennia, and nothing is about to change now. Then she meets Justin Dupre, a dilettante painter living off his trust fund in a bohemian neighborhood in New Orleans. He gets her off, and she’s confused and delighted. She goes back to him, first by accident and then by choice, and finally she decides to run away with him. They flee not only Lilith but also a hurricane bearing down on Louisiana. Will the two lovers survive the wrath of a goddess and a storm?
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